Colorado residents can create a free posting for any local film news, events, workshops, festivals, jobs, casting calls, and gear for sale.

Note: The jobs posted on our website are primarily low-paying or volunteer positions designed to help people gain more production experience. If you have a standard rate paying job, please search through our production guide for the crew you need.

Rule for Posting Announcements:

  1. You can post only 1 announcement per project or event. Do not post multiple times for the same job or event. Put all your details within 1 posting.
  2. Speculative projects, ideas, or personal endorsements will not be posted.
  3. You must have a specific date (or starting date) set for your project or event.
  4. Jobs or announcements that take place outside of Colorado will not be posted.

If would like to add an image or date to your posting, please go to the “My Account” page and edit your current announcement after it’s been created. If you delete your announcement, you will have to wait 3 days before you can repost. Multiple postings in attempts to be at the top of our jobs page will be removed.

All announcements are manually approved before they are published on our website. Be sure to provide as many details as possible about your announcement to help expedite the approval process. We reserve the right to remove any postings without notice if we find any information to be false or misleading, or does not abide by the rules above.

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