Title: Hold My Hand
Genre: Drama
Logline: We follow a young man(Jordan) through a walk in the park as we see his life unfold through a series of flashbacks. They show an increasingly grim story as Jordan nears the end of his walk. He makes it to the street where he takes a shot as his own life.
Roles(All roles have a general idea for look but none definite
Jordan: Age 16-19, Male, somewhat tall/skinny with a large range of facial expression-Main Character(One kiss with Shelby
Shelby: Age 16-19, Female, skinny, average height-Girlfriend of main character(one kiss with Jordan)
Colour: Age 16-19, Male, tall/skinny or muscular-main’s best friend
Emanuel: Age 16-19, Male, Average weight/build
Mrs. Peterson: Age 40+, Female-Small role, only 1 scene
Mr. Jacobs: Age 28+, Male-Small role, only 1 scene
Danielle: Age 16-19, Female-Small role, only 1 scene
Jordan’s Mother: Age 35+,-Small role, only 1 scene
Production Company: Writter/Director-Jax Midgett, Producer-Colton Duran
Production Type: Student Film
Contact Information: Using Facebook(Contact Director or Producer), (720)431-8413(may not answer for a few days), jettamindmith@gmail.com
Run Time: Short
Compensation: Unpaid(Could go into portfolio)
Audition Information: October, 16 3:30pm-4:30pm, contact me for location
Shooting Schedule:Contact me for dates/times
Filming Location:Arvada West High School, Davis Lane
If you are interested in any role please contact me as soon as possible and I will send you a copy of the script so you may prepare as you see fit for the audition. Just let me know as soon as possible.

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