Genre: Western
Logline: In an unremarkable near future, and an American Southwest devoid of the romanticism and beauty it once possessed, a Colorado Ranger pursues a group of five young people fleeing from the law to a nearly empty town in the middle of nowhere. Confronting their own personal obsessions with death and brutality, each must chose to abandon violence or embrace it on their way to a bloody conclusion.

Roles: Woman- [FEMALE] Looks like early 20s. The unnamed Woman travelling with the group is mysterious and intense, slowly assuming a leadership role and commanding respect from three boys who are barely more than children.
Harmon- [MALE] Looks like early 20s. After killing a family of four in a barroom shooting, Harmon fled the scene with new acquaintances Tommy, Garrett, Daniel, and the Woman. Even though he’s clearly the most unstable of the group, Harmon has a strange contentment about him, almost as if he’s already achieved his goals and is waiting for a conclusion only he knows is coming.
Tommy- [MALE] Looks teenaged. With his best friends Daniel and Garrett, Tommy is enamored with the perceived violence of the American Southwest that he’s grown up with. Unlike his friends, Tommy is intense and passionate about rebelling against a society that has, in his words, “grown tired of itself.”
Daniel- [MALE] Looks teenaged. Although he remains just as obsessed with the romanticized West as his friend Garrett and Tommy, Daniel is a scared and lonely teenager in a situation out of his control.
Production Company: Brandhouse
Director: Samuel Marko
Producer: Kaitlin McMullen
Production Type: Independent/Student
Contact Information: sammarko461@gmail.com, Kaitlin.McMullen.14@gmail.com
Run Time: Feature
Compensation: Unpaid, meals provided, transportation if necessary
Union Status: Non-Union
Audition Information: Email us with the character(s) you are interested in auditioning for with your headshot (also send in a demo reel if you have one available). We will email back script excerpts for a video audition/skype interview. No set date for callbacks.
Shooting Schedule: Month of June, basing it off of the availability of cast. No official schedule set at the moment.
Filming Location: Ken-caryl Valley, Littleton, CO/ Lakewood, CO area
Project Description: Contemporary Western

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