Title: Solo Halloween

Genre: Comedy/ Horror

Log line: Tyler, a young boy, is trick or treating alone for the fist time and will get to experience Halloween “for real”

Seeking Roles:
Tyler – 10 – 12 year old boy. A playful and adventurous kid.
Mark – 27 – 35. Tyler’s father a laid back dad with a playful side.
Amy – 27 – 35. Tyler’s mother a cautious parent that is nervous about letting her son go out alone.
Pumpkin – 20 – 30 yr old man. A bit of a bully and prankster who takes joy in scaring kids on Halloween.
Old Woman – 50 – 60. One of Tyler’s neighbors- looks sweet and innocent on the outside but has a playful side.
Ghost – 10 – 12. A prankster going out to cause a little mayhem.
Princess – 10 – 12. A prankster who’s out to cause a little mayhem on Halloween.
Super Hero – 10 – 12. A prankster out to make mayhem on Halloween night.
EXTRAS – trick or treaters of all ages are requested for neighborhood scenes

Production Team – Director – Luke Galves, Producer – Angel Lavender

Production Type – Student Film for the Colorado Film School

Run Time – Short

AUDITION INFO: Auditions will be held on Saturday July 22 from 12:30 pm to 3:30pm in the ALPINE ROOM at:

Northglenn Recreation Center
11801 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, Colorado 80233

Please be prepared to provide a headshot and at least a one minute monologue (Children actors don’t necessarily need one) Callbacks will be given one week after auditions are closed on July 29th.

If you cannot make auditions, please email Resume, Head Shot, and Demo reel to coolhandluke067@gmail.com

Additional Info: Filming will take place primarily in the afternoon to early evening, no overnight shooting. Extras can come in costumes of their choosing. Dinner and snacks will be provided all three days. Parents should be present during filming. We want this to be a safe and fun experience for all!

Project Info – Tyler has just convinced his parents to let him go out trick or treating by himself this Halloween and, like every cautious parent, they give Tyler rules he must follow if he is to go out on his own; Stay on the block, don’t eat any of your candy, and don’t talk to strangers. Tyler visits every house on his block and decides that he will be adventurous and go to the next block but comes to encounter new and scary things. He meets an old woman who loves a good trick, other trick or treaters who take part in the mischief of Halloween, and three masked strangers who watch Tyler’s every move. Tyler experiences Halloween in the typical way every child does, tricks are played on him and he is scared to the point of tears. But in the end, Tyler’s love for Halloween remains strong and he learns lessons that are all a part of growing up.

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