Title: The Road to Edmond

Genre: Dramatic Comedy

Production Type: Indie Film

Run Time: 90 minutes

Website: www.theroadtoedmond.com

Logline: With the possibility of losing his job for supporting a teenage girl who comes out to him, a youth pastor (Cleo) sets out on his bike to find Truth, but ends up questioning his faith and discovering Love with the help of a mysterious traveler (Larry) and his dead father.

Scene: Same-sex wedding and reception.

Role: Claire. Mid to late 20’s. Attending the wedding of two male friends from her youth group, and her former youth pastor (Larry) is conducting the ceremony. She meets Cleo at the reception and reveals this new information to his surprise. Claire shares about her conservative Christian upbringing and how Larry opened her eyes to a whole other world. Loose script – ability to improvise is required. Christian background very helpful.

Shooting Schedule: Sunday, August 20th (2-9pm) Church Location

Filming Location: Denver, Colorado

Compensation: $250, pizza, beer, and IMDB credit.

Audition Information: If interested please email your resume, headshot, and (if you have one) a demo reel to the email address listed above.

Contact Information: contact@theroadtoedmond.com

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