FREE: Acting / Public Speaking Workshop Scheduled For Saturday October 21st 2017 (Pass it on)

For more details and how to reserve your seat visit –

* Lunch provided (Pizza – Regular / Veggie / Gluten Free)

* Bottled water provided (Bring your own beverage too)

* Snacks are welcomed (Bring enough to share)

* Plenty of free parking

* Casual dress code (Jeans, shorts, T-Shirts, Sneakers)

* Materials for taking notes welcomed (recorders too)

Actor Owen Hisle provides film acting and public speaking classes / workshops to adults of all ages and backgrounds. Owen’s motivational style of teaching has a way of capturing his audience’s attention which draws them back for more

Improve Your Auditions / Public Speaking Skills With Owen Hisle’s Acting / Public Speaking Workshop

Statistically speaking, auditions and public speaking is the number one fear held by American adults. For many, this fear is related to inexperience and lack of confidence – both of which can be improved by taking Owen Hisle’s acting / public speaking workshop

Acting Workshops are ideal if your an actor, comedian, official, pastor, executive, educator, lawyer, etc

Owen Hisle’s acting / public speaking workshop offers:

* Being professional and HAVING FUN

* Honing your skills, Auditions, Power Auditions

* Film, On Camera, Stage

* Commercial, Improvisation, Industrial

* Stage freight, Self Confidence, Posture / Gestures

* Lectures, Documentation, Videos

* Hands on exercises-partisipation, Memorization techniques, Making the words your own

* Welcoming nervousness, Eye contact, Taking detours

* Pause, Being OK with messing up, Never let them see you sweat

* You are safe here, Intimidation, It’s OK–let them laugh because their up next

* Excuse me; I’m in the middle of an audition / speech

* I know it’s not me

For more details and how to reserve your seat visit –

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