Looking for actresses and actors with dance experience!

Title: Galaxy Funk: A Bitchin’ Barb Adventure
Genre: Sci-Fi, Dance
Logline: When space dance troupe The Dastardly Dancers takes over the Space Mall and force people to dance, it is up to Space Police’s top operative, Bitchin’ Barb, to save the day!
Roles: See below
Production Company: Well-Prepared Productions
Production Type: Student Film
Contact Information: Email well-preparedproductions@outlook.com, or call 720-236-7776
Run Time: Short
Compensation: 75$ per shoot day for the main leads, plus an IMDB credit and reel material. Travel and food will be covered.
Audition Information: June 4th, 11am-4pm, at the Colorado Film School. Bring a full body picture of yourself in a jazz pose. Be prepared to learn a brief amount of jazz choreography. Bring a brief dramatic monologue. Must be available for dance rehearsals once a week for 8 weeks. Every Tuesday from June 20th until August 8th, 7pm-9pm. We are also accepting video auditions if you can’t make the physical auditions. Please send them to the aforementioned email address.
Shooting Schedule: October 20th-22, 27th-29th, and November 4th.
Filming Location: Colorado Film School, 9075 E Lowry Blvd, Denver CO 80230.

Project Description:
Galaxy Funk: A Bitchin’ Barb Adventure is a proof of concept short to make a feature film fusing two genres that don’t usually go hand in hand: Sci-Fi and dance.
Set in a retro funk future, humanity’s reach has gone beyond planet earth. The Dastardly Dancers, a rouge dance troupe, takes over the intergalactic Space Mall, and will force people to dance nonstop until they are declared the top dance troupe in the galaxy.

Only Space Police operative Bitchin’ Barb can take them on and enact groovy justice!


BITCHIN’ BARB (20’s-Early 30’s), Female, no specific Ethnicity
Bitchin’ Barb is Space Police’s top operative, sent to all corners of the universe to solve intergalactic crime. She is a fun-loving, funky free spirit who dispenses groovy justice with the power of dance, and never loses her cool.

GANGSTER GLAM (Early 20’s-Early 30’s), Male, no specific Ethnicity

Gangster Glam is the leader of The Dastardly Dancers and an intergalactic space criminal. A gifted dancer, Gangster Glam decided do go off the straight path to stardom and form a rouge dance troupe. His goal is to turn The Dastardly Dancers into the best dance troupe in the universe, by any means necessary. Gangster glam has a flair for the theatrical, dressing in outlandish clothes and wearing heavy makeup.

SPACE MALL HOSTAGES (All ages), any gender and ethnicity

Innocent shoppers at the largest shopping venue in the Milk Galaxy, the Space Mall. They are taken hostage by the Dastardly Dancers, and are forced to dance till they drop.

THE DASTARDLY DANCERS (Ages 16 and up), any gender and ethnicity

Members of a rouge dance troupe. Follow their leader, Gangster Glam, with a comical level of conviction.

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