Title: Not For Me

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Logline: A depressed man named, John, finds himself suffering through a series of very disturbing and surreal nightmares that he can’t seem to escape from. But there may be more to these dreams than meets the eye.

Role: John. Mid to early 20’s. Struggles with depression and alcoholism. Finds himself suffering through an unspecified crisis that he’s not willing to do anything about

Role: Amy. Also mid to early 20’s John’s ex-girlfriend. Had earlier broken up with him due to his alcoholism. Very patient and supportive, but has her limits.

Production Company: Directed, written, and produced by: Jacob Thompson and Christian Hutchins.

Production Type: Student Film

Contact Information: jakebt1998@msn.com

Run Time: Short. 20-30 minutes.

Compensation: Unpaid. Will provide food and IMDB credit.

Audition Information: If interested please email your resume, headshot, and (if you have one) a demo reel to the email address listed above.

Shooting Schedule: Throughout the month of July and possibly beginning of August.

Filming Location: Littleton, Colorado.

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