Title: Calling Adiona
Production: Trisync Productions
Contact: trisyncproductions@gmail.com

Logline: In 1981 after the launch of his father, Alan, on the spaceship Adiona, James and his family must cope with Alan’s absence. After NASA loses contact with Alan’s spaceship, James and his mother, Jane, deal with the aftermath of his death. However, when James is visited by a ghostly presence he begins to suspect his father might not be dead after all.

James – Male, 10-13, Caucasian. Curious, fond of space and gadgets, extremely imaginative
Jane – Female, 35-45, Caucasian. Strong, wife of test pilot and astronaut, independent and loving mother
Alan – Male, 30-40, Caucasian. Husband; test pilot and astronaut; former military
Friend of Widows and Orphans – 30s. Government worker who notifies the family of the death

Genre: Scifi / Drama
Audition: Please send headshot, resume, and/or reel or example of work to the email listed.
Physical audition can be arranged if needed.
Production Type: Independent Short
Run Time: 12 min
JAMES: $100 (5 days)
JANE: $80 (4 days)
ALAN: $50 (2 days)
Friend of Widows and Orphans: $20 (1 day)
Food and transportation included.
Union Status: Non-Union
Shooting Schedule: February 24-27, two additional shooting dates in March
Shooting Location: Colorado Springs, CO

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