Hi Guys,

Looking for someone who can provide their own equipment and work as both sound recorder/boom operator (i.e., 1 person who can take care of sound for the shoot).

Plan is to offer $125 / day for 2 day shoot (so $250 total) plus IMDb credit. Shooting dates are Fri Dec 1 and Sat Dec 2.

And I’m also hoping to find someone that wants to work as a creative partner instead of just a sound-for-hire. Going to shoot in some beautiful mountain forest locations, and sound will be huge for this – dialogue, of course, but also sounds of footsteps in snow, stream of water, and that tangible quiet of deep mountain woods. Basically, I’m looking for someone who’d be excited by the idea of trying to blend human and natural sound. And it’ll be a small team – probably just 5-7 of us or so, so I’d want someone who’s in it for a love of the game and would be excited to work collaboratively.

Please send resume and/or relevant sound background. And please also be sure to indicate if you have access to your own equipment.


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