Genre: Drama

Wyatt is reaching his years of middle age stuck in a boring desk job and dreaming of his life as a superhero. What will happen when he gives in to those urges and desires?

Roles: (Male lead) Wyatt- mid 30s, Wyatt has a love for superheroes and everything that comes with them. Never quite grew up. Kind hearted, committed, and loving to his wife.
(Female Lead) Amelia- early to mid 30s. Amelia is a lover of books. She is logical and caring. Supports Wyatt through even his craziest endeavors.
(Minor Characters) Police Officer- Middle aged. Kind man of the law.
Boss- Young adult. Snarky and sarcastic. Treats everyone around him with disrespect.
Boy- 13-15 years old. Scared of talking to strangers, especially ones in superhero costumes.
Man- Young adult. Drunk and loud.
Woman(Cass)- Young adult, also drunk.
Mother- Young to middle aged.
Child- Very young

Run Time: Short film, 10-20 minutes
Compensation: Unpaid, provided with food and water.
Shooting: TBD
Filming Location: TBD

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