Title: The Bite
Production: Bad Hombre Films
Contact: thebitemovie@gmail.com
Logline: A journey into the world of a delusional serial killer. As he tracks his most beautiful victim, his world of sensuality and violence consumes him.
Roles to be cast
Simon – Male, 25-35. Handsome, athletic build. He is a delusional serial killer. He fancies himself an artist.
Maria – Female, 22-32. Beautiful and confident. The next target for Simon’s collection. However, she may not be the easy prey Simon expects.
Herb – Male, 23 or older. “Everyone felt the need to take a shower after meeting him.” Shifty, unkempt. The depraved assistant to Simon.
Natalie – Female, 22-32. Beautiful. Simon’s first victim. Non speaking part.
Genre: Horror
Audition DATE: DEC 3, 2016
Location: Colorado Film School — 9075 Lowry Blvd, Bldg. 965. Denver, CO, 80230
Production Type: Indie Short
Run Time: Short (15-20 min)
Compensation: Paid (SAG Micro-budget)
Union Status: Non-Union
Shooting Schedule: Jan 27-29th, 2017
Shooting Location: Denver, CO

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