Undercover will be at Open Auditions this weekend!!!
Title: Undercover
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Logline: A rogue cop goes undercover to find a serial killer while fighting demons of his own.
AGE: late teens early twenties
HAIR: Blonde
GENDER: Female
BODY TYPE: Fit to athletic
Sally a natural head turner, she is on break from college, meeting a friend at the park. A friend that has been chasing her for a couple of years now, she usually keeps things friendly coffee, lunch, but she recently broke up with her college boyfriend and is free to have fun this summer.
AGE: Mid to late twenties
BODY TYPE: Athletic
Zach is Connors partner, he’s been on the force a few years longer than Connor and is over eager to get his first big bust.
AGE: five – seven
BODY TYPE: below average weight for age
A lonely boy in a dysfunctional situation.
AGE: Mid-twenties
GENDER: Female
BODY TYPE: Ziggy Stardust thin
A back page call girl, she’s twenty four going on forty. One dead end job after another,Stephanie’s looking for some quick cash to get her life back together, but she needs to cure her drug habit first. She set up shop with her boyfriend, who is occasionally abusive, “but that’s
okay, I’m not gonna be here that long anyway” she would say. She also has a little girl, and just wants a break.
AGE: Fiftyish
BODY TYPE: Average
Neighborhood Catholic Priest, that Connor seeks solace from.
AGE: Late teens early twenties
BODY TYPE: Average to athletic
Jim, customer service rep by day, actor by night, well actually taking acting classes, but has an audition next week. Things are looking good for Jim, if everything goes well he can quit his day job. If the prospect of escaping an unsatisfying existence enough, the girl of his dreams, the one he’s been chasing since high school finally said yes. Meeting at the park at noon, he hasn’t seen her since last summer, he wants to make a good impression, show that his life is on the up and up, but most importantly wants to be more than just a friend for lunch.
AGE: Mid twenties
BODY TYPE: thin to scrawny
Lower level street thug, pimp that lives with his girlfriend, together they run a back page escort service. Jarrett a compulsive gambler and drug abuser has gotten himself into a pay up or else situation, and plans to pull a fast one on two over eager drug buyers.
AGE: Early twenties
Gender: Female
BODY TYPE: Average
She’s Connor’s mother, a runaway at sixteen, turned to prostitution to support herself. She had Connor at nineteen, father unknown. Life on the streets was tough but Connor offered a new level of complexity, and eventually turned into an inconvenience on her lifestyle.
AGE: forty – fifty
BODY TYPE: years of donuts and fast food
Captain Johnson is Connor’s boss, they have built a respectable and professional relationship. There may be a serial killer in town and the press is putting the heat on the force. Captain Johnson needs answers fast, he is undermanned and running out of time. One of his best men is on administrative leave, Captain Johnson hopes to talk him into doing some investigative work off the clock.
AGE: Thirties to forties
HAIR: Longer dark
A pimp with a violent streak, he’s just trying to keep his girl under his control.
Production Company: Psycho-BabyProductions
Production Type: Student Film
Contact Information:Psychobabyprod@gmail.com Email for script and Details!
Run Time: Short
Compensation: Unpaid
Union Status: Non-Union
Audition Information: We will be holding auditions Friday February 3rd from 11am-7pm and February 4th from and 10 am to 6pm at the Colorado Film School in the Bungalow.
Shooting Schedule: Late September to October
Filming Location: CFS, and on Locations.

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