Western State Colorado University is offering a 2-week summer intensive for screenwriters taught by the Graduate Program’s Screenwriting Concentration Director JS Mayank.

The intensive has three separate stages.

The first stage focuses on preparation. Participants read required materials, familiarize themselves with the formatting and basic structure, if they haven’t done so previously, and come to the workshop ready to pitch their ideas.

The second stage is the actual eight-day workshop. Each student pitches a story, creates a treatment, character biographies, an outline, and then writes the first act (roughly 30 pages) of the proposed screenplay or TV pilot/spec. This portion is rigorous, with an emphasis on writing, rewriting, critiquing and polishing words on the page.

The third stage focuses on support, including one-on-one meetings with screenwriting faculty to go over future writing plans. Students may also, for an additional fee, register for the three-day Writing the Rockies creative writing conference, which runs directly after the intensive ends, and includes discussions about the business of screenwriting and how to break into the industry.

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