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Movies Filmed in Colorado

Filmed in Colorado

Popular films like Independence Day, Dumb & Dumber and Under Seige 2 all chose from the variety of disinct Filming Locations that Colorado has to offer. From it's gorgeous mountains to it's abundant military establishments, Colorado has what you are looking for!

Movies Made in Colorado

Bowling for Columbine - Filmed in Colorado

Bowling for Columbine
(2002) - Documentary

Filming Location in Colorado:
Denver, Littleton

Michael Moore directs this documentary that explores the widespread gun ownership in the United States and its violent results. Dir: Michael Moore - Starring: Michael Moore, Charlton Heston, Marilyn Manson.

About Schmidt - Filmed in Colorado

About Schmidt

Filming Location in Colorado:
Boulder, Denver

Warren Schmidt (Jack Nicholson) is a man who faces retirement and must come to terms with the relationships in his life. He goes on a journey across the Midwest in an RV to attend his estranged daughter's wedding in Denver and finds humor and many realizations about himself along the way. Starring: Jack Nicholson and Hope Davis

Dragon and the Hawk - Filmed in Colorado

Dragon and the Hawk

Filming Location in Colorado:

Korean martial arts master teams up with US police detective to solve the mystery of his missing sister. Their search leads to a sinister underworld organization that they must battle their way through.

Nurse Betty - Filmed in Colorado

Nurse Betty

Filming Location in Colorado:

Renee Zellweger stars as a waitress who becomes delusional after seeing her husband murdered. She starts to believe that she is the former fiance of a soap opera star and goes to LA to find him. As she makes her journey her husband's murderer's pursue her, and Morgan Freeman joins in tracking her down. Starring: Renée Zellweger, Morgan Freeman and Chris Rock.

Strangeland - Filmed in Colorado


Filming Location in Colorado:
Colorado Springs, Denver

When Genevive Gage and her best friend Tiana Moore get involved with a fellow teenager they meet through the internet, they decide to accept his invitation to a party at his house. But their new internet friend, Captain Howdy, has dark intentions for the pair of teenage girls. Genevive's father, Mike Gage, is a local cop who tries to find his daughter and her friend before it is too late.

Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain - Filmed in Colorado

Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain

Filming Location in Colorado:

Three young boys, Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum together with their neighbor girl, computer whiz Amanda are visiting Mega Mountain amusement park when it is invaded by an army of ninjas led by evil Medusa, who wants to take over the park and hold the owners for ransom. Kids and retired TV star Dave Dragon, who made his farewell appearance at the park at the time the ninjas appeared, have to break Medusa's vicious plans.

Phantoms - Filmed in Colorado


Filming Location in Colorado:
Georgetown, Denver

In this strange thriller, 150 people have been killed and 350 people are missing in the small mountain town of Snowfield, Colorado. A group of people set out to destroy the evil force that has decimated their population.

Switchback - Filmed in Colorado


Filming Location in Colorado:

F.B.I agent Frank LaCrosse finds himself desperately pursuing the killer of his son's babysitter who also kidnapped his son. The murder matches those of a serial killer who has been killing victims for almost two years. Frank must find this killer before he murders another victim or Frank loses his son forever.

The Shining - Filmed in Colorado

The Shining
(1997) - Mini-Series

Filming Location in Colorado:
Arvada, Denver, Estes Park - Stanley Hotel

Stephen King wrote both the novel and the teleplay for this creepy film where a writer/professor who is also a recovering alcoholic agrees to become the caretaker of a Colorado hotel in the dead of winter. Though he is joined by his wife and son, the family soon finds itself becoming more and more isolated, and the professor seems to be dealing with some evil forces that he is helpless to protect himself or his family against.

Asteroid - Filmed in Colorado

(1997) - TV Movie

Filming Location in Colorado:

This film follows several characters as they prepare themselves for the inevitable fate that awaits them when an incoming asteroid threatens to destroy their lives.

Larger Than Life - Filmed in Colorado

Larger Than Life

Filming Location in Colorado:

When Jack Corcoran's father passes away, he leaves Jack with an unconventional inheritance; an elephant. Jack's father was a circus performer, and the elephant was his pride and joy. Now Jack finds himself on a journey across the country with this elephant, and the experience changes Jack's life forever.

The Fan - Filmed in Colorado

The Fan

Filming Location in Colorado:
Denver - Coors Field

When Bobby Rayburn (Wesley Snipes) joins the San Francisco Giants, his obsessive fan (Robert DeNiro) is thrilled. But when Rayburn plays the worst season of his baseball career, his life soon takes a turn for the worse when his fan attempts to help him.

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