Hello, I am looking to fill some roles for a horror short film that I am developing to be shot locally in Fort Collins Co!

Titled: “The Resurrection Of Eleanor Sutton.”
This film is a 7-10 minute short, it’s a really dark horror film about a woman who’s going through her grandmothers old belongings after she’s passed away. She finds out that sweet ol grandma was actually secretly a satanist! Whom sold her soul to the devil to have a perfect family. Her grandmother kept a notebook filled with all of that stuff (drawings, musings and blood contracts.) Her dumb fiancé thinks it’s a good idea to write something down in the book and she finally relents and does so, little does she know she just summoned the Devil himself. He’s sure to come calling…

I’m currently looking to fill the following roles.

Eleanor’s loyal granddaughter, she has had a very close relationship with Eleanor and would do anything to have that part of her life back. She is nine months pregnant. This role requires some minor makeup (scratches and dings.)

Stephanie’s fiancé, not the sharpest tool in the case but he loves Stephanie dearly and would do just about anything to protect his budding family. (This role requires moderate makeup. Eye wounds, bloody bile etc.)

The devil, nuff said. ( This role requires heavy amounts of makeup including burns, horns and contacts as well was smoke and a whispy wig.)

These roles are unpaid.

Feel free to contact me for further details on the characters, the script and storyboards are also available to be read and looked at.

I hope to hear from you, thank you!

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