Independent short film based on the award-winning, ever-famous, space odyssey, Star Wars. Will be sent to the Star Wars short film festival happening in Fall 2019. To be filmed between the middle and the end of June 2019 in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. POSITIONS WILL BE PAID! Stage choreography experience is preferred, but not required. We will provide training by professionals since the film will feature an action sequence.

Master Eramin: Older male, 40s/50. Jedi Master. Athletic, sly, and quick on his feet. Trusted to get the job done with minimal damage, and works independently without guidance or check-ins. Remains calm in the face of chaos because of his extensive experience. Willing to do what it takes to succeed in his missions.

Lord Corvus: Younger male, dark or platinum blonde hair, 20s/30s. Sith Lord. Independent, reckless, and overconfident, but cleber. Finding his place in the order of things. No regrets of conflicts in going to the Dark Side. Rather, the conflict is within, asking himself if he has what it takes to become an unstoppable Sith Lord.

Commander Garrot: Senior male, 50s/60s/70s. Security force leader. Stickler for the rules, chain of command, and proper manners. Years of politics, admin, and managing has made him overconfident and rusty. He relies on his age and experience to get his point across, and severely underestimates potential threats.

Sith Mistress: Older female, 40s/50s. Deceased Sith Lord. Died long ago, yet her avatar and consciousness lives on in singular important item. Sharp, commanding, and elegant. Also, relentless, cold, and calculating. She cannot stand weakness, insecurity, or disobedience.

We are currently accepting video submissions. Please record yourself performing a dramatic monologue prepared reflecting the character you wish be auditioning for and sent it to the In the subject line, please put “Holocron Audition,” your name, and the character you wish to audition for. Video submissions will be accepted until Thursday, April 19th at 11:59 p.m. No other submissions will be accepted after that date and time.

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