Check Out ‘Upon This Rock Films’ New Full Length Feature Christian Film ‘STILL PITCHING’ Now In Pre-Production And How You Can Contribute: 1 – Read all about ‘STILL PITCHING’, the author Bill Rogan, The Fish himself, and Upon This Rock Films (Projects page) 2 – UTRF has filled many Crew positions already however, we still need many more to fill (Positions page) 3 – Check out the awesome film folk and local radio/personalities who will take time out of their busy schedules, support at some level, and help UTRF with our current new full feature Christian film ‘STILL PITCHING’ (Film Folk page) 4 – UTRF needs prayer-warrior prayer; lots of it, along with $250,000.00 in funding to make this awesome God breathed film ($upport Us page) 5 – Go to where you will have access to all the pages mentioned above (Projects, Positions, Film Folk, $upport Us)

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