real couples and families or friends that know each other over separate talent that is put together because we are looking for an authentic experience /chemistry between them.

Mom + Dad + 2 kids
Mom and Dad in their mid 40s
Kids around 7-12 years old
Younger Couple:
1 Male – Mid 30s
1 Female – Mid 30s
2 male partners or 2 female partners
Mid 30s

Older Couple:
1 male – around 60 years old
1 woman – around 60 years old
Talent has to look their age i.e. could just be hair with some grey in it

Production Company: Farm League
Production Type: Commercial

Compensation: $1000 flat.
Union Status: Non-Union
Audition Information: send photos/videos of couple or family skiing or snowmobiling, ect.
Shooting Schedule: 3/17-3/19.
Filming Location: Crested Butte
Project Description: Colorado Tourism spot, promoting travel and tourism in Colorado.

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