Now filling crew positions for 3:14, the Movie. 3:14 is the story of a woman who believes she controls the fate of the world with a ritual she performs every night in a diner at 3:14 am. This is the second film from Writer/Director Rachel Leigh. Her first film, Imperceptible, was well-received at multiple film festivals and touched upon loneliness, aging and feeling invisible. 3:14 deals with similar subjects, but this film really questions whether control is something we can ever really possess.

This is a two-day shoot (6-8 hour day, max) and will be shot March 15-17, 2019 in Boulder, Colorado.

DP – Pay is $500-$750/day, depending on equipment. Must include all equipment (camera package, tripod/s, easy-rig or similar as needed for handheld shots, lenses, lighting, cables, extra batteries, etc.) and all other camera crew, including gaffer. A PA can be provided by production as grip, if needed. External hard drive for data transfer will be provided by production. Please respond with your equipment list and number of crew members you would provide with their titles.

SOUND MIXER – Pay is $250. Production Sound will only be needed for one day. Day 2 will be shot MOS. Must include all equipment (mics, headphones, boom pole, deadcat, etc.) and boom operator.

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