Short film/Music Video (R&B) shoot planned for late-September/early-October 2019. DigitalCarbonRecords in association with Creative Mood Entertainment of Aurora, CO is seeking talent to work/appear in the film project titled “Flicker”.

Treatment excerpt:

HOOK: What do broke college kids do in the middle of the night when left with nothing but imagination, desire, and an entire library to themselves?



Present day 2019 with majority flashback sequence to the early 90s.


Flicker is a 4 minute short film set to the sultry spine-tingling R&B track “Library Rules” by Colorado artist ThēSys. Set on a college campus in the Colorado Rockies, the film is a visual narration of a man’s past experience about meeting up with a co-ed regularly during the latter stages of her nightly work-study in the campus library. Flicker’s theme is firmly centered on a juxtaposition of youthful romance and uninhibited physical role play. It’s amazing how seeing an old flame at a business conference brings back blissful memories or a more carefree time!


The video is NOT sexually exploitive or gratuitous in any way shape or form despite it’s premise. There is zero nudity planned and the concept objective is for the viewer to use their own imagination regarding our imagined couple’s physical relationship. Although, the song’s lyrics are suggestive. A demo is available for listen here:


Male lead: Aged 19-25 or outwardly projects this age range, athletic build, African American. The male lead is a football player at the fictional Red Peaks College, in the early 90s.

Female lead: Aged 19-25 or outwardly projects this age range, also African American. The female lead projects is a hard-working biology major working her way through school in the college work-study program


The shoot is expected to take three days, possibly spread across three weekends, with an expectation for re-shoots. Compensation rate is NOT zero, but the rate is confidential. It’s suggested the professional operate as if pay is minimal but to keep an open mind.


Please send head shots with minimal physical attribute data: ONLY HEIGHT IS REQUIRED along with a recent head shot. Also include email contact information in case you are selected for an interview/screen test. NO PHONE NUMBERS PLEASE. Be prepared to show valid Colorado drivers license upon check in for any screen test.

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