Production title: Connection [Independent Short Film]
Project format: 16:9 HD
Director: Fengyi Xu
Producer: Angel Martinez
Audition Location: 825 N Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs
Connection depicts the turbulent relationship between Alex, a high school girl, and her grandfather, John, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s two years ago. When Alex first experiences John’s memory loss and deterioration on her own, she gets so annoyed by his repetitive questions that she runs out of the house, leaving him to fend for himself, confused and hopeless. John loses himself in the cold winter, and Alex returns home to an empty house. On this winter evening, she must realize the importance of family and her responsibility to take care of her grandfather, remembering that he had done the same for her when she was a child.

Character Bio:

John [Gender: Male] [Age: 65~75]
John has become much more sensitive over the past two years, and the thought that Alex will leave home for college one day always makes him tear up. John loves taking a walk in the park after lunch, however, his family doesn’t let him go out by himself after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He now spends most of his days at home reading books, forgetting what he’s read, wandering around the house, and looking outside the window. Sometimes he’ll have a lucid moment and blame himself for not remembering anything, but he’ll also forget this moment very soon.

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