Short Film (Drama)
Title: Lucid
Synopsis: At a desperate point in his life, Matt reminisces over his Father’s abusive rejection of his sexuality and the tribulations that followed.
Role: Father
Pay: $10/hr (cash) for an expected 2-4hrs of work total + lead actor credit + credit for competition/festival awards

We are looking for an actor who looks old enough to be the father of a high school teenager (age 35-60). Booming/commanding voice and threatening presence would be appreciated, though not a requirement. The character is a caucasian widowed father of 1 who has anger issues, homophobia, and outbursts of rage. Please contact us only if you are comfortable with playing a role in which offensive and inflammatory lines are a core component. Feel free to let us know if you would like to be sent the script prior to the video audition.

Shooting is planned for Saturday, October 26th, though we are flexible to shoot between Thursday 10/24 and Sunday 10/27 based on actor’s availability. Production will be anywhere between 30 min and 2 hrs per day and will be entirely indoors.

The target runtime will be around 5 minutes. We will shoot in 4k digital 24fps in 16:9 ratio. The crew is composed of award-winning film students with years of experience and a passion for telling compelling stories. You may use any footage from the film in your personal reel.

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