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Genre: Drama / Suspense

Logline: A young aspiring writer destined for greatness finds him/herself burnt out of all passion as he/she treads the downward spiral of failing out of school.

The following roles are non-gender specific, all roles are open to anyone.

Male / Female
18-25 years
A brilliant and ambitious artist/writer who is used to chasing down any dream of his/hers, though feels rather restricted and stressed out at a school that claims to be helping express their creativity.

Male / Female
18-25 years
Best friend to the lead role, this character is working as a writer as well but seems to work well in a very structured environment, so the school they are attending only seems to do good. Despite their differences he/she is always there for the protagonist, trying to help the protagonist out in any way they can.

Male / Female
25+ years
Assertive to the point that it can come off as arrogant to some. The Instructor places a very strict environment for all students in an effort to help them. Though the school’s mission of helping these students seems to have gone straight to his/her head, as any student who doesn’t thrive under their structure is worth next to nothing to this Instructor.

Written and Directed by Alexander Cuenin (
Produced by Aliqui Studios
Independent Short, approximately 12 mins

Auditions will be held in 2 stages, first with Audition Tapes over email and second with callbacks and a meeting. Decisions will be made after the meetings have been held.

Shooting Schedule: Rehearsals through March, filming in April. (at the latest) Flexible with your schedule.

Filming Location: Apartment, single location

IF INTERESTED, please email and tell us about yourself and which role you would like to audition for. We will then send you an appropriate script for your Audition Tape. Thanks, and have a great day!

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