A short sci-fi film being shot in Boulder, CO on April 6th +7th (and possibly the 8th for pickups) is looking to cast Roles. Please see character descriptions below. This will be a non-paying gig but meals, copy and credit will be provided.

RAY (20-35): Former silicon valley computer programmer who, after being abducted one evening, makes it his obsession to search for the truth. Ray is brainy but cool too, fast-talking and married to his career.

STEVIE (20-35): Ray’s best friend, and what we come to find out, his boyfriend as well. Stevie is sweet and soft-spoken that works as a registered nurse.

FRANK (40-55): Everyday man on the surface, but there’s more then what meets the eye. Frank works as a head security guard, while moonlighting as a special agent for an Area-51 type secret operation.

SHELLY (Any age older than 35): Shelly is a hypno-therapist that runs her own personal business out of her household and is the key to unlocking the mystery behind Ray’s abduction.

MRS. BEASLY (40-55): Housewife. Married to Frank. Sweet, unassuming…and she has no idea what her husband actually does.

DRUNKARD WOMAN (40-60): Feisty, potty-mouth and virtually homeless, she lives at the local bar and dresses like a bag lady.

Please send your reels or a short scene that pertains to the character that you wish to audition for to “leecipolla@gmail.com” with subject line with your name and the name of the character you’re interested in.

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