Synopsis: The film features a female college student or young professional (ideally athletic/sporty) named Zoe’s Broken Leg (working title) “breaking” their leg and subsequently being placed in a cast and on crutches. The film documents the trials and tribulations of every day life dealing with a “broken” leg, a cast and crutches, unable to bear weight on her leg. The film will document the actress living “daily life” in her cast, and although it will be shot in one day, it will be framed as if over each of the four weeks she is in the cast, from the break itself, to the cast being taken off. The storyline will follow her as she transitions from the pain of the broken leg to later, just the inconvenience of dealing with a cast and crutches. The lead (and sole participant in the film) will use crutches and wear a real cast to get from place to place as though it were a real injury (it will be removed immediately after filming, so no worries there). The actress will be expected to act as if really hurt. This film will encourage the lead to interact with the camera, and dialogue about the “injury” will ideally add to the realism. It is important that the audience believe the scenario to be as authentic as possible. Ideally, the chosen actress will have a positive attitude, an infectious, willing personality, and not be a complainer. I realize you’ll be wearing a cast and using crutches for a few hours, but I have no room for bad attitudes. Ideally, the selected actress will have some experience on crutches, and be athletic or have a sports background. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of one on one camera time for a reel, and a fun, unique thing to add to a resume. This role is perfect for a student home on Summer break from college or for a college athlete, or student.

This is a great opportunity for you to have input on storyline as well as dialogue in this role. There is no script, this film will rely on fed lines, as well as past experience or actual experience from how you feel about using crutches and being in a cast. Please submit a headshot, any past-experience on crutches or in a cast, and any athletic experience.

This will be shot in the course of one day, over 4-5 hours, ideally this Thursday or Friday. Location in Denver Metro, but flexible.

Please apply ASAP, no audition, I’ll select the first application that fits.

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