Table 47, a film noir crime drama filmed entirely on location in Colorado, will premiere May 16. To buy tickets, use the link: Michael Haskins and Danielle Prall (pictured), Cougar Littlefield, Scott Swaggart, Louise Macdonald, Arthur Martinez, Risa Scott, Robb Taft, Laurie Clemens and Debbie Minter are featured in the all-Colorado cast. Colorado crew professionals include Ken Hendricks, Jim Brennan, Dave Schaaf, Sarah Clark, Jeff Deel and Angelique Bishop. In Table 47, a bar owner falls for a married woman with an abusive husband and plans to murder him, but soon discovers he’s the victim of an elaborate con…one he may not survive. The feature is directed by Jeff Kingery. The former radio broadcaster for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies returns to his first love of making movies. The screenplay was written by fellow Colorado resident Michael Brody. Comedian and sports commentator Sam Adams will introduce the film. Cast members plus the director and screenwriter will participate in a Q and A session following the film.

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