Upon This Rock Films (UTR Films) is accepting Submissions for an Editor who’s proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro CC to Edit BROKEN CLAY

BROKEN CLAY will be Edited into two (2) formats. 1st is the full 20/25 minute short. The 2nd will be the 2 minute trailer which will be created from the 20/25 minute short. This will be good for someone who’s new but yet very experienced with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and who’s wanting to build upon their portfolio

UTR Films will have $600.00 available by the end of this month, May 2019. We would like to have BROKEN CLAY’S 20/25 minute short and 2 minute trailer started the beginning of June 2019 and completely Edited (Color Correction-scenes 4-9, Matching camera colors, First grading, Master grading, Special effects-scenes 6,7,8, Composed music, Dialog sweetening-scenes 2,4,5,6, Sound effect mixing-all scenes, Final audio mix-all scenes) and ready for the Film Festivals and public viewing by the middle of July 2019 the latest – 6 weeks total from start to complete. In addition to the $600.00, the right experienced Editor will have access to Adobe Premiere Pro CC if needed

The Editor will receive $100.00 in cash each week throughout the total 6 weeks however, as an incentive, if the Editor completes both the 20/25 minute short and 2 minute trailer in less than 6 weeks, they will still receive the entire $600.00 (along with film credit and IMDb)

UTR Films filmed BROKEN CLAY last August 2018 – September 2018. It was filmed on Fs100 and file formats are Fs7, and an Osmo in 1080p. For the most part the audio was recorded on a Fs100 and a few scenes were recorded on a Tascam. Everything is synced in the timeline we have

During each week of Editing throughout the entire 6 weeks, UTR Films and the Editor will be working / communicating together through email, calling, texting, messaging, Skype, etc. The Editor will provide both rough drafts and completed polished scenes each week for UTR Films. The Editor will be provided with the full BROKEN CLAY script as well as all files (NDA will be provided to the Editor and required)

Please go through (https://www.uponthisrockfilms.com/cco) to send in your Submission (pass this along)

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