Student Film “Grocery Store Flowers”

Title: Grocery Store Flowers
Genre: Drama
Logline: A chance encounter between a writer and his former-teacher’s widow leads each to re-evaluate their life.
Please email Headshots, resume and role preference to by the 2nd of OCT. and we will send you an audition side for your tape.
Julianne, (F, 60’s, any race) Main character: A retired woman who always tries to be unashamedly herself and cares deeply about those around her.
Nathan, (M, Mid-20’s, any race) Main Character: A young journalist, who is passionate about the people he loves but has commitment issues.
Lance, (M, Mid-20’s, any race) Main Character: A city boy who loves Nathan but frustrated from the lack of affection given to him.
Directed by: Alexander Elmore
Production Type: CU Denver Student Short Film – Senior Thesis
Compensation: Credit, Meals, Final film for reel.
Union Status: Non-Union
Shooting Schedule: 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th of October. A few virtual or in person rehearsals will happen beforehand.
Filming Location: Denver, CO
COVID-19 Safety procedures: 6 people max will be on set at any given time (4 crew, 2 actors). Masks will be worn at all times, except when actors are doing takes. Meals and crafts will be packaged individually. Hand sanitizer for each person will be provided, and equipment and all surfaces will be sanitized regularly.

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Casting Call For Upcoming Student Film

Casting Information

*This 15-minute short is part of the University of Colorado Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts BFA program*

Title of Film: Your Personal Spirit Guide: For Beginner Mediums

Genre: Dark Comedy

Logline: A middle-aged medium is having difficulties connecting with the spirit world until one day he is assigned a guide; unfortunately, the guide is a perverted ghost who is terrible at giving advice.

Short Summary: This dark and humorous British tale surrounds Danny, a middle-aged medium who realizes his potential in connecting with the spirit world and wishes to help those seeking closure. Unfortunately, a mental wall prevents him from reaching his fullest psychic abilities. Soon enough, Danny is greeted by Mr. Vetala, an ancient perverted ghost who will guide Danny and help him breakthrough to the other side. After lessons and several glasses of kombucha, Danny feels prepared to tackle his first patient, Dolly White, and connect with her deceased father.

Location: A modern home with an office space

-Danny: British, early 30’s, slightly balding, wears thick-framed glasses
-Mr. Vetala: the perverted ghost, Indian, 40’s
Vetala (Hindu folklore): Spirits who tend to haunt places of burial and charnel grounds; trapped between life and the afterlife, they can take possession of corpses and cause all kinds of crazy trouble for the living.
-Dolly White: British, late 20’s, dirty blonde hair, mousy
*all roles are non-paid

Shoot Dates: Production will begin October 24th and end November 14th (Weekend shooting mostly)

COVID Precautions:
In these times of uncertainty, it is my job as director and overseer of production to make sure the cast and crew working on set will remain safe and healthy. In order to ensure this, I will be providing my team with cleaning supplies. I will not allow more than seven people on set at a time, and social distancing will be enforced. In terms of catering, there will be no sharing of food; everything will be individually wrapped. The crew will be masked at all times and must remain in their designated positions. Any hair and makeup application will be done by the actor. Every prop touched will be disinfected before and after each shoot. Any location I intend to shoot at will not be around crowds or others at high-risk. I will be contacting the cast and crew often to make sure everyone is safe and healthy so that we can have the best on-set experience.

Submissions & Contact Info:
-If you are interested in any of these roles, please email me at with your name, acting experience (if any), a headshot, which character you are auditioning for, and a reliable phone number. Following this response, I will email you back with the script and how to sign up for audition slots.
-Submissions must be turned in no later than September 26th at 1pm
-Auditions will be held on October 3rd

Thank you for your interest!

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Student Film – “Nowhere”

This is a student film about three old souls nearing the end of their time in this world and lighting up a doobie as a small final stand against the immortal wave of time.
If you are interested in auditioning, please email me at I will send you a side and then have you send us a video audition.


Gerald- 70’s, casting in the age range of sixties and up. A Vietnam veteran, a man whose family has abandoned him in a nursing home.he is scared to die and worries about his entrance to heaven. He is the denial or mortality.

Jean- 70’s, casting in the age range of sixties and up. A hippie in her younger years, she is at peace with death, she views it as a release. She’s the one who supplies the weed and guides Gerald on his journey to nowhere.

Eugene: 70’s, casting in the range of sixties and up. A man in the grips of death. He is the balance between them, he fears but doesn’t have the time to contemplate as he just wants a release from the pain. He is ready for the end.

Due to COVID -19, we are looking to cast actors who are a couple for Gerald and Jean, so that we can film scenes with them together in the same room. That being said, you are not required to be in a couple to audition. If we are not able to find actors who are a couple, we have a backup shooting plan that will not require actors to be on set together. Also the crew and cast will be required to wear masks on set. The only time someone will be removing their mask on set will be the actors when the camera is rolling. The actor acting will be the only one unmasked and will only unmask after action has been called. The mask will be put back on after cut is called. Set and equipment will be sanitized as well. Cast and crew safety is on immense importance on set.

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Casting Bilingual Real Moms – Denver Area

About the Job:
Client is seeking nano-influencers to create content for social campaigns.
If selected this is a PAID job. Potentially recurring gig!

Casting Breakdown:
Real Mom’s, age 25-50, all ethnicities

Bilingual – English/Spanish
Social Savvy – Must be creative, enjoy creating video content, have ability to tape yourself, take direction and look good and have fun on camera.

We are casting multiple women!
They don’t have to be actors, just comfortable on camera.
Must be located in the Denver area.

Please contact ASAP for submission instructions.
Deadline to submit – Wednesday Sept. 9th @ 1PM EST

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Female Lead needed for short commercial

We are looking for a woman with a diverse background to star in our short commercial. (All supporting roles thus far are white and we aim to add diversity to our story.) We are a radical self care natural product company making a short 1 1/2 minute product ad. The role involves one line and several expressions. We will shoot two half days, August 5th West Boulder Mountains and August 6th in Golden. Pay is a token $50 each half day.

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Casting Two Females (30-50) for a one-scene half-day outdoor shoot

Seeking two females (30-50), any ethnicity, for a one-scene half-day outdoor shoot for a Sundance Collab directing mentoring program. The shoot will be in Denver Metro sometime during the July 17-19 window [updated]. Unpaid, non-union, food/beverage included.
This is a single scene shoot for a Sundance Collab directing mentoring program.
Will follow COVID film production protocols, including minimal crew (all with appropriate protective equipment), social distancing, all outdoors, etc.
Online rehearsals.
Logline: “Twin sisters face off in a contest of wit and practical jokery while grappling with unrecognized resentment and anger about their mother’s passing.”

Blair is a days-shy-of-40 [or another age between 30-50] investment advisor. Jesse is a corporate attorney and Blair’s twin sister. Jesse has moved in with her sister since their mom, who had been living with Blair, passed away a year ago. Because Blair and Jesse are twins they will need to look somewhat similar age-wise and otherwise.

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Looking for Motion Graphics wizard is a virtual All Star Cheer Competition platform. We need to add talent to our amazing team to help us in the production of our prerecorded LIVE Social Media Streamed Events. If you have expertise in high energy sports oriented production work we would like to speak with you. Please reach out via email or call. 7202618293 or

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Seeking Older Male (50+) for short, no budget film.

Synopsis: Amid covid-19 concerns and confusion, a lonely man in Fort Collins, CO, connects with an ailing woman through inscriptions written in books exchanged in Little Free Libraries.

4 day shooting schedule.

Will provide screenplay upon request.

Serious inquiries only.


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Calling for an actress ages 18-30

Film synopsis: A young woman named Bee battles the temptation to put herself in harms way to keep the company of a mysterious voice from the past. After hearing the voice below the surface of her bathtub, she returns time after time to feel close to it. But what is once a place of familiar comfort soon turns dark, and Bee is left with a choice: to stay in the water and risk meeting the fate of what lies below or to watch it all circle the drain once and for all.

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Casting Real Moms – Denver Area

About the Job:

Client is seeking nano-influencers to create content for social campaigns.

If selected this is a PAID job.

Casting Breakdown:

Real Mom’s, age 25-50, all ethnicities

Social Savvy – Must be creative, enjoy creating video content, have ability to tape yourself, take direction and look good and have fun on camera.

Must be located in Denver Area

Submission Instructions:



Submit Google Form –


Submit the following to via

– Recent Snapshots (Close up and Full Length)

– 1 minute video “About Me” Video FILMED ON YOUR PHONE AT HOME. Can talk about hobbies or what you like to do (cooking, makeup, fitness, family etc.)

Be creative – we want to see your personality!

Video should have social media feel – it’s not a professionally done video.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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Western short needs CREW and TALENT

The cast is ninety percent Asian and features Asian women protagonists in action roles. The action takes place in a saloon set in Denver’s Chinatown in 1880. Looking for for three Asian women (18-29) and male roles including Asian, Hispanic, Black (any age) for scuzzy bounty hunters and hired killers. Also one trans Asian female/feminine. For crew we need a DP, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Make-up, Special Fx, Editor, Colorist, and Social Media Manager.

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Colorado Tourism Casting


real couples and families or friends that know each other over separate talent that is put together because we are looking for an authentic experience /chemistry between them.


Mom + Dad + 2 kids

Mom and Dad in their mid 40s

Kids around 7-12 years old

Younger Couple:

1 Male – Mid 30s

1 Female – Mid 30s


2 male partners or 2 female partners

Mid 30s

Older Couple:

1 male – around 60 years old

1 woman – around 60 years old

Talent has to look their age i.e. could just be hair with some grey in it

Production Company: Farm League

Production Type: Commercial

Compensation: $1000 flat.

Union Status: Non-Union

Audition Information: send photos/videos of couple or family skiing or snowmobiling, ect.

Shooting Schedule: 3/17-3/19.

Filming Location: Crested Butte

Project Description: Colorado Tourism spot, promoting travel and tourism in Colorado.

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Audition for Short Film “The Milieu”

Hello, we are currently casting for several characters for our new short film titled, The Milieu, which will be shooting May 22-25 (Memorial Day Weekend), 2020 near Estes Park, CO.

About the short film:

The film (currently titled “The Milieu”) follows John, an addiction counselor approaching 40 years old, on the day that he is to receive his five year sobriety coin at an AA meeting.  Achieving this sober milestone is compromised when he learns that his partner has OD’d and John proceeds to steal drugs from a new client at his rehab facility, leading to his relapse.  The film is about the cycle of addiction and how the shame and guilt that comes from being an addict is never far away.

We are currently casting for:

-JOHN – Late 30s/early 40s- A gay man who holds his cards close to his chest though he is comfortable with himself. He has the look of a guy who has been through a lot, and he has—a stint in prison, multiple rehab trips, lots of drug use, etc. But he has been able to kick his addiction to Benzos for the past 5 years and has held down a steady job at a rehab but his sobriety is a day to day internal ordeal.

-DEBBIE: Caucasian – Mid to late 20s- Debbie is a homeless girl who is still very much under the influence of drugs, particularly heroin. She has been on the streets for several months and has recently made it to the mountain town of Estes Park.

-DAWN: Caucasian – Mid 40s to 50s. Dawn is a recovering addict but has been sober for more than 20 years. She is married to a recovering addict as well and her entire life is dedicated to helping this community. But Dawn also has a very tough exterior since she is responsible for running the day to day operations at the rehab.

Auditions will be held Saturday, March 7th, from 10am to 1pm in Colorado Springs. (Address to be given out after initial email screening)

The short film roles are paid, and the film is SAG-contract.

Please send an email to with:

1) a quick note about yourself, 2) a link to IMDB or resume of relevant acting experience, 3) a photo or headshot (even a selfie will work), and 4) preferably an acting or link to work on YouTube we can watch.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

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“Un Cielo Rojo”…A Red Sky (Horro/Magical Realism short)

Logline: When Valentina’s husband dies she takes her son Angel to a nice get-away to a family cabin out in the mountains to escape their profound grief and loss. However, a tall old man will haunt them during their stay there and will make them regret ever coming to that cabin for the rest of their lives…


Valentina Calderon (Female – age: 25-35)

*Dark Skin/Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features (Black eyes/hair. Pronounced nose and lips)

*Speaks Fluent Spanish (a little bit we can work with too)

Angel Calderon (age: 8-12 years old)

*Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features

*Speak some Spanish

*Body complexion is a bit thick

Crow man

(age: 40-70 years old)


*Has a large nose, big and deep eyes. Must be tall.

*Body complexion is a skinny and long arms.

****Looking for SFX editor and Make-up artist as well*****

NON-UNION/unpaid. Food will be provided on set as well as a copy of the final cut of the film/footage for reel. Being Part of screening/Q&A when selected into to festivals.

Contact: (Director) or (Producer) for further information and dates to audition.

“Un Cielo Rojo”…A Red Sky (Horro/Magical Realism short)

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‘Chicken or Fish?’

Logline: A stubborn mule, Marvin, celebrates his 40th anniversary with both his embattled wife, Sylvia, and his paralyzing alcohol addiction. In order to save the night and his marriage, he’ll have to undergo a series of surrealistic trials that pin his demons against him.

Supporting Roles: (*open to gender reversal)

*PHILIPPE, (30s) an English coat check that works at the “Pas De Deux” Restaurant — chipper and full of wit, opens the film with Marvin and Sylvia.

*JACQUES, (mid-40s) a snooty French waiter — extremely irritable when it comes to indecisive elderly diners, name drops the title of film at the end.

CHARLIE, (mid-40s) restlessly droll, pompous, and otherwise a clean-freak — the HERALD of the film.

*DEAN, (late-20s) a black gentleman who works at the Berkshire Inn, suited in hotel attire from the 1930s — he’s as charming as he is eerie, (think twilight zone), restlessly swats at a fly while having a conversation with Marvin.

*KYLE, (mid-40s) a repulsive fellow who lives an endless cycle checking into his room of torture at the Berkshire.

EUGENE, (60s-70s) Marvin’s alcoholic father — confronts his son in a dark void, BEARDED and heavy-set.

FREDO, (50) a dear friend of Marvin’s — although we never see him his role is integral to the film, he has a raspy voice and is very eccentric, guides Marvin back to a better self.

^Tentatively Filming the first (2) weekends of April (Fri/Sat/Sun)

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