Casting Two Females (30-50) for a one-scene half-day outdoor shoot

Seeking two females (30-50), any ethnicity, for a one-scene half-day outdoor shoot for a Sundance Collab directing mentoring program. The shoot will be in Denver Metro sometime during the July 17-19 window [updated]. Unpaid, non-union, food/beverage included.
This is a single scene shoot for a Sundance Collab directing mentoring program.
Will follow COVID film production protocols, including minimal crew (all with appropriate protective equipment), social distancing, all outdoors, etc.
Online rehearsals.
Logline: “Twin sisters face off in a contest of wit and practical jokery while grappling with unrecognized resentment and anger about their mother’s passing.”

Blair is a days-shy-of-40 [or another age between 30-50] investment advisor. Jesse is a corporate attorney and Blair’s twin sister. Jesse has moved in with her sister since their mom, who had been living with Blair, passed away a year ago. Because Blair and Jesse are twins they will need to look somewhat similar age-wise and otherwise.

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Looking for Motion Graphics wizard is a virtual All Star Cheer Competition platform. We need to add talent to our amazing team to help us in the production of our prerecorded LIVE Social Media Streamed Events. If you have expertise in high energy sports oriented production work we would like to speak with you. Please reach out via email or call. 7202618293 or

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Seeking Older Male (50+) for short, no budget film.

Synopsis: Amid covid-19 concerns and confusion, a lonely man in Fort Collins, CO, connects with an ailing woman through inscriptions written in books exchanged in Little Free Libraries.

4 day shooting schedule.

Will provide screenplay upon request.

Serious inquiries only.


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Calling for an actress ages 18-30

Film synopsis: A young woman named Bee battles the temptation to put herself in harms way to keep the company of a mysterious voice from the past. After hearing the voice below the surface of her bathtub, she returns time after time to feel close to it. But what is once a place of familiar comfort soon turns dark, and Bee is left with a choice: to stay in the water and risk meeting the fate of what lies below or to watch it all circle the drain once and for all.

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Casting Real Moms – Denver Area

About the Job:

Client is seeking nano-influencers to create content for social campaigns.

If selected this is a PAID job.

Casting Breakdown:

Real Mom’s, age 25-50, all ethnicities

Social Savvy – Must be creative, enjoy creating video content, have ability to tape yourself, take direction and look good and have fun on camera.

Must be located in Denver Area

Submission Instructions:



Submit Google Form –


Submit the following to via

– Recent Snapshots (Close up and Full Length)

– 1 minute video “About Me” Video FILMED ON YOUR PHONE AT HOME. Can talk about hobbies or what you like to do (cooking, makeup, fitness, family etc.)

Be creative – we want to see your personality!

Video should have social media feel – it’s not a professionally done video.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

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Western short needs CREW and TALENT

The cast is ninety percent Asian and features Asian women protagonists in action roles. The action takes place in a saloon set in Denver’s Chinatown in 1880. Looking for for three Asian women (18-29) and male roles including Asian, Hispanic, Black (any age) for scuzzy bounty hunters and hired killers. Also one trans Asian female/feminine. For crew we need a DP, Set Designer, Costume Designer, Make-up, Special Fx, Editor, Colorist, and Social Media Manager.

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Colorado Tourism Casting


real couples and families or friends that know each other over separate talent that is put together because we are looking for an authentic experience /chemistry between them.


Mom + Dad + 2 kids

Mom and Dad in their mid 40s

Kids around 7-12 years old

Younger Couple:

1 Male – Mid 30s

1 Female – Mid 30s


2 male partners or 2 female partners

Mid 30s

Older Couple:

1 male – around 60 years old

1 woman – around 60 years old

Talent has to look their age i.e. could just be hair with some grey in it

Production Company: Farm League

Production Type: Commercial

Compensation: $1000 flat.

Union Status: Non-Union

Audition Information: send photos/videos of couple or family skiing or snowmobiling, ect.

Shooting Schedule: 3/17-3/19.

Filming Location: Crested Butte

Project Description: Colorado Tourism spot, promoting travel and tourism in Colorado.

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Audition for Short Film “The Milieu”

Hello, we are currently casting for several characters for our new short film titled, The Milieu, which will be shooting May 22-25 (Memorial Day Weekend), 2020 near Estes Park, CO.

About the short film:

The film (currently titled “The Milieu”) follows John, an addiction counselor approaching 40 years old, on the day that he is to receive his five year sobriety coin at an AA meeting.  Achieving this sober milestone is compromised when he learns that his partner has OD’d and John proceeds to steal drugs from a new client at his rehab facility, leading to his relapse.  The film is about the cycle of addiction and how the shame and guilt that comes from being an addict is never far away.

We are currently casting for:

-JOHN – Late 30s/early 40s- A gay man who holds his cards close to his chest though he is comfortable with himself. He has the look of a guy who has been through a lot, and he has—a stint in prison, multiple rehab trips, lots of drug use, etc. But he has been able to kick his addiction to Benzos for the past 5 years and has held down a steady job at a rehab but his sobriety is a day to day internal ordeal.

-DEBBIE: Caucasian – Mid to late 20s- Debbie is a homeless girl who is still very much under the influence of drugs, particularly heroin. She has been on the streets for several months and has recently made it to the mountain town of Estes Park.

-DAWN: Caucasian – Mid 40s to 50s. Dawn is a recovering addict but has been sober for more than 20 years. She is married to a recovering addict as well and her entire life is dedicated to helping this community. But Dawn also has a very tough exterior since she is responsible for running the day to day operations at the rehab.

Auditions will be held Saturday, March 7th, from 10am to 1pm in Colorado Springs. (Address to be given out after initial email screening)

The short film roles are paid, and the film is SAG-contract.

Please send an email to with:

1) a quick note about yourself, 2) a link to IMDB or resume of relevant acting experience, 3) a photo or headshot (even a selfie will work), and 4) preferably an acting or link to work on YouTube we can watch.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

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“Un Cielo Rojo”…A Red Sky (Horro/Magical Realism short)

Logline: When Valentina’s husband dies she takes her son Angel to a nice get-away to a family cabin out in the mountains to escape their profound grief and loss. However, a tall old man will haunt them during their stay there and will make them regret ever coming to that cabin for the rest of their lives…


Valentina Calderon (Female – age: 25-35)

*Dark Skin/Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features (Black eyes/hair. Pronounced nose and lips)

*Speaks Fluent Spanish (a little bit we can work with too)

Angel Calderon (age: 8-12 years old)

*Light dark skin

*Indigenous/Latinx Features

*Speak some Spanish

*Body complexion is a bit thick

Crow man

(age: 40-70 years old)


*Has a large nose, big and deep eyes. Must be tall.

*Body complexion is a skinny and long arms.

****Looking for SFX editor and Make-up artist as well*****

NON-UNION/unpaid. Food will be provided on set as well as a copy of the final cut of the film/footage for reel. Being Part of screening/Q&A when selected into to festivals.

Contact: (Director) or (Producer) for further information and dates to audition.

“Un Cielo Rojo”…A Red Sky (Horro/Magical Realism short)

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‘Chicken or Fish?’

Logline: A stubborn mule, Marvin, celebrates his 40th anniversary with both his embattled wife, Sylvia, and his paralyzing alcohol addiction. In order to save the night and his marriage, he’ll have to undergo a series of surrealistic trials that pin his demons against him.

Supporting Roles: (*open to gender reversal)

*PHILIPPE, (30s) an English coat check that works at the “Pas De Deux” Restaurant — chipper and full of wit, opens the film with Marvin and Sylvia.

*JACQUES, (mid-40s) a snooty French waiter — extremely irritable when it comes to indecisive elderly diners, name drops the title of film at the end.

CHARLIE, (mid-40s) restlessly droll, pompous, and otherwise a clean-freak — the HERALD of the film.

*DEAN, (late-20s) a black gentleman who works at the Berkshire Inn, suited in hotel attire from the 1930s — he’s as charming as he is eerie, (think twilight zone), restlessly swats at a fly while having a conversation with Marvin.

*KYLE, (mid-40s) a repulsive fellow who lives an endless cycle checking into his room of torture at the Berkshire.

EUGENE, (60s-70s) Marvin’s alcoholic father — confronts his son in a dark void, BEARDED and heavy-set.

FREDO, (50) a dear friend of Marvin’s — although we never see him his role is integral to the film, he has a raspy voice and is very eccentric, guides Marvin back to a better self.

^Tentatively Filming the first (2) weekends of April (Fri/Sat/Sun)

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Now Casting First Time Home Buyers looking to buy in Colorado Springs!

If you are a young couple/family currently actively looking to buy your first home in Colorado Springs, then we want to hear from you!

If you are thinking of moving to Colorado Springs or moved there recently, that is a major plus!

A fun, new Real Estate themed digital series from Tastemade wants to explore the first time home buying process with you, and you will GET PAID for it!

If interested, please email with your names, ages, current location, the cities you are looking to buy in, 1 to 2 recent photos of yourselves and best number to reach you.

Now Casting First Time Home Buyers looking to buy in Colorado Springs!

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(t)here – Lead needed for Student Short Film

Hello, I am a BFA Film student at the University of Colorado, Boulder

Title: (t)here (9 pages) | Narrative Short Film

Logline: While returning a lost journal, a forgettable young man uncovers his own sexuality and summons the courage to tell his father.


AHMIR, African American male, Mid-to-late-20s. Art student pursuing MFA. A loner, the type people notice, but no one would miss. Introvert searching for something to connect to. Falls in love with art and words. Lives in his head.

Dates: Nov 29 – Dec 1 – 1p til wrap.

Casting info: Please send a resume, taped audition, and headshot to


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Actors needed for comedy web pilot

We are seeking actors that are great with comedy/improv for a comedy web pilot. This is a scripted version of a reality show that we are currently pitching in LA. Here is a link to the reality sizzle reel to give you an idea:

(Note: this has been registered with the Writer’s Guild and copyright through the U.S. Copyright office.)

Sides will be sent to selected actors along with storyline details.

Actors needed:

Wyatt – male, 20’s – 40’s, Caucasian. Therapist

Dusty – male 20’s – 40’s, Caucasian. Farmer.

Macy Ann – early 20’s – 40’s. Caucasian, Kitchen beautician. .

Effie – male 20’s – 40’s, Caucasian. Baker.

Royal – male tween, age 8 – 12, Caucasian.

Rose – 40’s +, any ethnicity, any size. Emotional. Supporting role.

Female Hair Customer – 20’s +, any ethnicity. Supporting role.

TV News Reporter – 1 line. Male or female, 30’s +, any ethnicity.

All roles will work one day only on a Saturday or Sunday.

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In Need of 2 Actresses to Demonstrate Dramatic Scene for a Class

Hello, I am a student at the University of Colorado, Denver specializing in Directing.

In the class we will act out a scene from an un-produced screenplay live.

Title: Looking For Better (5 pages)

Genre: Drama

Logline: Brooke’s priority is her work but pushing away her friends and family will come with great consequences.

Cast: Brooke (20s) – young and beautiful as well as fully immersed in working hard and being professional.

D’Anne (20s-30s) – a close friend to Brooke who cares for her family deeply.

Casting info: Please send a resume, reel if you have one, and headshot to

Rehearsal Date: We can schedule anytime Friday Oct. 4th – Monday Oct. 7th.

Performance Date: Tuesday Oct. 8th @2:30pm or Thursday Oct. 10th @12:30pm on Auraria Campus (dates will be determined based on availability.)

There will be multiple scenes and performances throughout the rest of Fall 2019, so if you would like to continue acting for the Directing Class please let me know and we would be happy to have you!

Much appreciation,

Madison Petri

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End Of Wyntor – Trailer

UTR Films Is Now Accepting Submissions For The Filming Of Our 3rd Trailer ‘End Of Wyntor’

(Starring: Nathan Pratt, Tim Lee, and Jaenalyn Simmons)

Filming will be on Saturday, September 14th 2019, Sunrise – Sunset

Here’s What UTR Films Is Needing:

1) Actors to play Dargens, 2) Film Location in Monument Colorado, 3) Altar, and 4) Costume/Production Professional

To Submit, go to ( which is our (Cast/Crew Open) page located at the top

Pass this onto others


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La Migra

Title: La Migra
Genre: Horror/Drama
Logline: The Center of Disease Contol has shut down all ICE migrant detention centers and the president has released migrants into sanctuary cities as political retaliation. Migrant mother Julissa and her daughter Nina search for her husband among a viral outbreak of the deadly La Migra Virus.
Julissa (30 – 40) Mother of Nina and wife of Jose Luis, who she is searching for. ( Latina, must speak Spanish)
Migrant: Infected migrant that kick starts the action of the film. (Latino – non speaking part)
Location: Denver, CO
Compensation: Unpaid – Food provided plus a copy of the film and credits on the final product.
Contact: and I will send you a copy of this thrilling horror/drama


La Migra

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“Flicker”; Memory of a College Romance

Short film/Music Video (R&B) shoot planned for late-September/early-October 2019. DigitalCarbonRecords in association with Creative Mood Entertainment of Aurora, CO is seeking talent to work/appear in the film project titled “Flicker”.

Treatment excerpt:

HOOK: What do broke college kids do in the middle of the night when left with nothing but imagination, desire, and an entire library to themselves?



Present day 2019 with majority flashback sequence to the early 90s.


Flicker is a 4 minute short film set to the sultry spine-tingling R&B track “Library Rules” by Colorado artist ThēSys. Set on a college campus in the Colorado Rockies, the film is a visual narration of a man’s past experience about meeting up with a co-ed regularly during the latter stages of her nightly work-study in the campus library. Flicker’s theme is firmly centered on a juxtaposition of youthful romance and uninhibited physical role play. It’s amazing how seeing an old flame at a business conference brings back blissful memories or a more carefree time!


The video is NOT sexually exploitive or gratuitous in any way shape or form despite it’s premise. There is zero nudity planned and the concept objective is for the viewer to use their own imagination regarding our imagined couple’s physical relationship. Although, the song’s lyrics are suggestive. A demo is available for listen here:


Male lead: Aged 19-25 or outwardly projects this age range, athletic build, African American. The male lead is a football player at the fictional Red Peaks College, in the early 90s.

Female lead: Aged 19-25 or outwardly projects this age range, also African American. The female lead projects is a hard-working biology major working her way through school in the college work-study program


The shoot is expected to take three days, possibly spread across three weekends, with an expectation for re-shoots. Compensation rate is NOT zero, but the rate is confidential. It’s suggested the professional operate as if pay is minimal but to keep an open mind.


Please send head shots with minimal physical attribute data: ONLY HEIGHT IS REQUIRED along with a recent head shot. Also include email contact information in case you are selected for an interview/screen test. NO PHONE NUMBERS PLEASE. Be prepared to show valid Colorado drivers license upon check in for any screen test.

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Unscripted Series Casting Call

Casting Inseparable Mother/Son duo’s and the People who love them!

…Are you in a serious relationship with a proud mama’s boy and often

feel like the third wheel in their relationship?

…Is your mother/son your best friend? Do you have an extremely close

bond that outsiders have considered unique or unusual?

If you answered, “YES!” to either of those questions, then this

casting call is for you.

Magilla Entertainment and a Major Cable Network are casting a new,

unscripted documentary series profiling fun, over-the-top and

EXTREMELY close mother/sons duos. We’ll document their one-of-a-kind

relationship and explore the situation that significant others face

when they are seriously involved with a proud mama’s boy.

If you want to put your mother/son bond in the spotlight or show the

world what it is like to date a mama’s boy, then we want to hear from


For more information or to apply, e-mail: as

soon as possible.

Please include your:

Names & Ages:

Location (city & states)

A brief summary of the mother/son bond, how long the son has been in a

relationship with his significant other and how the mother/son bond is

having an effect on their relationship.

Several recent photos of all three of you – together if possible!

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New Denver Dating Reality Show

Are you single and over the age of 18? We are looking for singles of all religions, sexual orientations, social statuses, races and ages for a brand new dating reality show to begin filming this fall in Denver!

Interested parties should submit their legal name, email address and social media links to the email listed.

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Student Documentary-Seeking female 18-35

Synopsis: The film features a female college student or young professional (ideally athletic/sporty) named Zoe’s Broken Leg (working title) “breaking” their leg and subsequently being placed in a cast and on crutches. The film documents the trials and tribulations of every day life dealing with a “broken” leg, a cast and crutches, unable to bear weight on her leg. The film will document the actress living “daily life” in her cast, and although it will be shot in one day, it will be framed as if over each of the four weeks she is in the cast, from the break itself, to the cast being taken off. The storyline will follow her as she transitions from the pain of the broken leg to later, just the inconvenience of dealing with a cast and crutches. The lead (and sole participant in the film) will use crutches and wear a real cast to get from place to place as though it were a real injury (it will be removed immediately after filming, so no worries there). The actress will be expected to act as if really hurt. This film will encourage the lead to interact with the camera, and dialogue about the “injury” will ideally add to the realism. It is important that the audience believe the scenario to be as authentic as possible. Ideally, the chosen actress will have a positive attitude, an infectious, willing personality, and not be a complainer. I realize you’ll be wearing a cast and using crutches for a few hours, but I have no room for bad attitudes. Ideally, the selected actress will have some experience on crutches, and be athletic or have a sports background. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of one on one camera time for a reel, and a fun, unique thing to add to a resume. This role is perfect for a student home on Summer break from college or for a college athlete, or student.

This is a great opportunity for you to have input on storyline as well as dialogue in this role. There is no script, this film will rely on fed lines, as well as past experience or actual experience from how you feel about using crutches and being in a cast. Please submit a headshot, any past-experience on crutches or in a cast, and any athletic experience.

This will be shot in the course of one day, over 4-5 hours, ideally this Thursday or Friday. Location in Denver Metro, but flexible.

Please apply ASAP, no audition, I’ll select the first application that fits.

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Casting Call for Student Film


Title: My Girl

Genre: Sports Drama

Logline: Tisha Crayman, an elite boxer from Boston, grew up in a single household with her father that was killed from gang violence a day before she was about to have her breakthrough fight with the top fighter in the world, Nadine Hayes.

Role: Tisha Crayman: athletic build, 18- 25 year old female, African american | Chris Crayman: father of Tisha Crayman middle-aged male, African american | Coach Davis: Middle aged male, African american

Production Company: Jade Odom and Ethan Royal

Production Type: Student Film

Contact Information: Jade Odom email: cell: 7196499239

Run Time: Short Film

Compensation: Unpaid

Union Status: Non-Union

Audition Information: May 7th at 10:00am at Colorado College (email for more information)

Shooting Schedule: May 8th – 9th

Filming Location: undisclosed (either Colorado Springs or Denver)

Project Description: Student film from Colorado College Advanced Filmmaking Class

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Upon This Rock Films (UTR Films) is accepting Submissions for an Editor who’s proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro CC to Edit BROKEN CLAY

Upon This Rock Films (UTR Films) is accepting Submissions for an Editor who’s proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro CC to Edit BROKEN CLAY

BROKEN CLAY will be Edited into two (2) formats. 1st is the full 20/25 minute short. The 2nd will be the 2 minute trailer which will be created from the 20/25 minute short. This will be good for someone who’s new but yet very experienced with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and who’s wanting to build upon their portfolio

UTR Films will have $600.00 available by the end of this month, May 2019. We would like to have BROKEN CLAY’S 20/25 minute short and 2 minute trailer started the beginning of June 2019 and completely Edited (Color Correction-scenes 4-9, Matching camera colors, First grading, Master grading, Special effects-scenes 6,7,8, Composed music, Dialog sweetening-scenes 2,4,5,6, Sound effect mixing-all scenes, Final audio mix-all scenes) and ready for the Film Festivals and public viewing by the middle of July 2019 the latest – 6 weeks total from start to complete. In addition to the $600.00, the right experienced Editor will have access to Adobe Premiere Pro CC if needed

The Editor will receive $100.00 in cash each week throughout the total 6 weeks however, as an incentive, if the Editor completes both the 20/25 minute short and 2 minute trailer in less than 6 weeks, they will still receive the entire $600.00 (along with film credit and IMDb)

UTR Films filmed BROKEN CLAY last August 2018 – September 2018. It was filmed on Fs100 and file formats are Fs7, and an Osmo in 1080p. For the most part the audio was recorded on a Fs100 and a few scenes were recorded on a Tascam. Everything is synced in the timeline we have

During each week of Editing throughout the entire 6 weeks, UTR Films and the Editor will be working / communicating together through email, calling, texting, messaging, Skype, etc. The Editor will provide both rough drafts and completed polished scenes each week for UTR Films. The Editor will be provided with the full BROKEN CLAY script as well as all files (NDA will be provided to the Editor and required)

Please go through ( to send in your Submission (pass this along)

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We are looking for two actors to be in a music video in Mid-May. Please see the following specs:

1. One young woman, 18-30 years old. Any race or ethnicity is welcome to submit their info!

2. One young man, 18-30 years old. Any race or ethnicity is welcome to submit, but African American is strongly encouraged.

Please send the following to

1. Recent headshots

2. A video portfolio/any examples of yourself acting on camera

3. Your availability for weekends in May

3. A website or Instagram account

This is a paid opportunity. Pay will be $400 per day for a two day shoot, so $800 in total.

Thank you!

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UTR Films Is Now Accepting Submissions For The Following Towards Our 2nd Short Film ‘Broken Clay’ Towards Our 3rd Short Film ‘End Of Wyntor’

UTR Films Is Now Accepting Submissions For The Following

Towards Our 2nd Short Film ‘Broken Clay’

Towards Our 3rd Short Film ‘End Of Wyntor’


Be serious prior to sending in your submission

View All Our Pages First – About, The Team, Our Movies, Awards

Once you have visited all our pages and you are ready to submit, go to our Cast/Crew Open page

Thank you

The UTR Films Team

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Upcoming non-union, low budget web series filming the first episode June 1 and June 2 needs a few crew members to join our team. All crew positions require a commitment for both days of a weekend shoot. Check out the series promo on our YouTube channel at


Sound Recordist with own equipment looking to build reel. Small stipend plus copy, credit and meals provided.

Production Assistants for help in all departments. Copy, credit and meals provided.

Interested crew send your brief introduction and resume via email to Please put the crew position desired in the subject line of the email.

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Upcoming non-union, low budget web series filming the first episode June 1 and June 2.  Check out the series promo on our YouTube channel at


JR – Age early 20’s, blond, all-American type to portray a Momma’s boy. Character is openly gay disclosed through dialogue only. Half day shoot paying small stipend plus copy, credit and meals.

Pops – Senior citizen of East Indian decent to portray a doting father. Half day shoot paying small stipend plus copy, credit and meals.

Miguel – Age  20’s of Hispanic decent with a dramatic flair. Character is openly gay disclosed through dialogue only. Half day shoot paying small stipend plus copy, credit and meals.

Background Players – All ages, all types welcome. Half day shoot compensated with copy, credit and meals.

Send a brief introduction, resume and your headshot via email to Put the role desired in the subject line of the email.

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Sci-Fi Short Film Seeking Actors

A short sci-fi film being shot in Boulder, CO on April 6th +7th (and possibly the 8th for pickups) is looking to cast Roles. Please see character descriptions below. This will be a non-paying gig but meals, copy and credit will be provided.

RAY (20-35): Former silicon valley computer programmer who, after being abducted one evening, makes it his obsession to search for the truth. Ray is brainy but cool too, fast-talking and married to his career.

STEVIE (20-35): Ray’s best friend, and what we come to find out, his boyfriend as well. Stevie is sweet and soft-spoken that works as a registered nurse.

FRANK (40-55): Everyday man on the surface, but there’s more then what meets the eye. Frank works as a head security guard, while moonlighting as a special agent for an Area-51 type secret operation.

SHELLY (Any age older than 35): Shelly is a hypno-therapist that runs her own personal business out of her household and is the key to unlocking the mystery behind Ray’s abduction.

MRS. BEASLY (40-55): Housewife. Married to Frank. Sweet, unassuming…and she has no idea what her husband actually does.

DRUNKARD WOMAN (40-60): Feisty, potty-mouth and virtually homeless, she lives at the local bar and dresses like a bag lady.

Please send your reels or a short scene that pertains to the character that you wish to audition for to “” with subject line with your name and the name of the character you’re interested in.

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Seeking multiple male and female talent to model with our client’s fashion line (clothes, bags, and fashion accessories). Models will use the product in a variety of settings over a one-day production. Photos will be used for company marketing, branding assets, and the upcoming launch of a fashion website. The requirement to apply, headshot/photo and a brief introduction of yourself to

REQUIREMENT: very commercial-friendly energy and smile (think fashion advertisement); have no visible tattoos above the waist or below the knees; experience or willingness in taking direction and modeling required; must bring a positive attitude to set.

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo

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How The Cookie Crumbles


A group of friends search for their missing friend who has been accidentally shot by a hunter and his son.


Patrick – The short tempered friend who leads the search for the missing friend. Age range – 18-23

Richard – Hunter and Father of Jonah. Age range – 45-50

Harry – The level headed friend who acts as a voice of reason. Age range – 18-23

Alice – The moody standoffish friend who complains all the time. Age Range – 18-23

Video submissions are accepted and would be preferred as we are currently experiencing difficulties that prevent us from holding in person auditions.

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Casting Call for Festival Entry – BOULDER


An accomplished photographer realizes his work has faded into a despondent view of the world and must rekindle old connections to discover the

vivid reality around him.

Remaining characters to be cast:















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Casting men all ages for Music Video

Title: Cryptic Moon

Genre : Music Video

Casting men of all ages for a music video for “Cryptic Moon” by popular dance music producer.

This is a self-reflexive music video about masculinity and dance. This music video is about casting calls! If you show up for the casting call you will be in the video, if you consent. The premise is an old man who is trying to cast himself as a young man for a film. Actors may be asked to cry on camera during casting call.

Need: Men of All ages

Production Company: Meat Mandy Productions

Compensation: Credits and Meals

Production Type: Indie

Run Time: Short Film

Union Status: Non-Union

Audition Information: Please email headshot/resume, or demo reel

Shooting Schedule: March 24-26 (subject to change)

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Dirty Secret.

Project Type: Feature Film

Project Name: Dirty Secret.


Production Date: 03/30/2019

Synopsis: A group of college graduate buddies who couldn’t get over their past college lives, meet up for their monthly game night filled with fun, drinks and laughter, but the night takes a shocking, self revelation, turn.

Michael -(Lead): 22-29 (Caucasian)

Slim fit, bossy by nature, business oriented guy, always put together, graduated top of his class, but also knows how to have fun.

Henry- (Supporting): 23-29 (Caucasian)

The ultimate attractive party guy, frat guy, well balanced, knows when to be about business and when to turn up, ladies’ man and true artist at heart.

Sarah- (Supporting) 22-29 (Caucasian):

Single mother of one son, 2yrs old, from past relationship but definitely is still the life of the party, comedic in every right.

Yolanda- (Supporting) 23-29 (African America):

established, has status and pull, comes from money, banging hair, slim, fair/dark skin, pretty teeth, very pretty, Daddy’s girl, smart business woman, sorority girl, wants for nothing, high maintenance, in a relationship with Michael.

Alex- (Supporting) 22-29 (African America):

very attractive, light skin and muscular, has an innocence to him, bearded, get up and just go guy, ladies’ man, nonchalant.

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G&E Needed!

We are currently looking to finish a short film that is 80% shot. Actor availability has put us in a position where we need to shoot out a principle role this coming weekend.

Our shooting dates are as follows, Saturday the 9th, and Sunday the 10th. Saturday’s shoot will be near the Lowry area of Denver. Sunday will be in near the Woodland Park area. We are currently looking for a competent Key Grip, as well as some G&E positions.

You can see the film trailer here:

This is a student film, so unfortunately we can not pay standard rates. If it is any consolation, we can offer $50 a day, and provide crafty to any helping hands.

Thank you and appreciate your time.

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Casting local actors for a thriller/horror student short film. Non-paid, food will be provided and copy for your acting reel.

Film dates are 26th-30th of March.

Raquel (early 20’s, African American female, upcoming detective who doesn’t put up with any one’s crap)

Mark (early 20’s, Caucasian male, Upcoming detective but lacks the traits by being awkward and submissive)

Danny (early 20’s caucasian male, manipulative and secretive. Handsome and knows it)

Scotty (late 30’s caucasian male, Head of the detective office and self centered)

Please send video audition monologues to email provided by the 8th of March.

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Now Casting for Drama/Suspense Short Film

Now Casting for Independent Short Film


Genre: Drama / Suspense

Logline: A young aspiring writer destined for greatness finds him/herself burnt out of all passion as he/she treads the downward spiral of failing out of school.

The following roles are non-gender specific, all roles are open to anyone.


Male / Female

18-25 years

A brilliant and ambitious artist/writer who is used to chasing down any dream of his/hers, though feels rather restricted and stressed out at a school that claims to be helping express their creativity.


Male / Female

18-25 years

Best friend to the lead role, this character is working as a writer as well but seems to work well in a very structured environment, so the school they are attending only seems to do good. Despite their differences he/she is always there for the protagonist, trying to help the protagonist out in any way they can.


Male / Female

25+ years

Assertive to the point that it can come off as arrogant to some. The Instructor places a very strict environment for all students in an effort to help them. Though the school’s mission of helping these students seems to have gone straight to his/her head, as any student who doesn’t thrive under their structure is worth next to nothing to this Instructor.

Written and Directed by Alexander Cuenin (

Produced by Aliqui Studios

Independent Short, approximately 12 mins



Auditions will be held in 2 stages, first with Audition Tapes over email and second with callbacks and a meeting. Decisions will be made after the meetings have been held.

Shooting Schedule: Rehearsals through March, filming in April. (at the latest) Flexible with your schedule.

Filming Location: Apartment, single location

IF INTERESTED, please email and tell us about yourself and which role you would like to audition for. We will then send you an appropriate script for your Audition Tape. Thanks, and have a great day!

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Title: Bitterfly Effect

Genre: Drama

Logline: A former soldier struggles to balance her life as a wife and mother while battling PTSD.


Deanna Graham-Female (late twenties/early thirties) prefer women of color, military veteran, wife and mother.

Matthew Graham-Male (late twenties/early thirties) any ethnicity, husband to lead character, supportive and loving. Struggles to connect with Deanna after she returns home from war.

Production Company: gritHouse Films

Production Type: Indie

Run Time: Short Film

Compensation: Paid

Union Status: Non-Union

Audition Information: Please email headshot/resume, demo reel and/or video monologue (need to see range)

Shooting Schedule:  March 26-29 (subject to change)

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Open Casting Call

Hello! We are local film makers seeking actors for our short suspense film. These are a non speaking roles, though acting/modelling experience is needed.

Date: WEDNESDAY, February 13th (actual film date). Call time is 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Filming will be approximately 3 hours.


(7) Business Men: Well dressed and in their mid 30s to early 50s. Handsome, cleaned shaved, slicked back hair, and well groomed overall in appearance. Seeking all backgrounds, the desired aesthetic is ‘Stylish Banker/Wallstreet Broker’ (e.i. Two Piece Suit, Tie, Tie-Clip, Cufflinks, Oxfords, Loafers, Belt, etc.). We ask you to please provide your own costume.

Requirements: A list of previous acting experience, and current head shot. An instagram handle is ok too.

Compensation: Breakfast will be provided on site, and professional digital photography to be included for your portfolio.

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Children’s Performers

We are looking for energetic and animated performers to present our fun, interactive 45-minute science programs at schools, libraries and private events.

There is NO need to be a scientist — we will teach you all the science you need to know!

Compensation: $75/show, plus mileage, tips and bonuses. We also reimburse for all tolls and parking.

This is a great opportunity for actors looking for part-time work. Preferred, but not required: experience working with kids, and/or a background in theater, drama or performance.

To apply, you MUST fill out an application at Otherwise, you will not be considered.

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Casting Call – Advance Auto Parts

Title: Advance Auto Parts

Genre: Commercial

Logline: A father daughter road trip, brought to you by Advanced Auto Parts

Role: Father- 35 – 45, Daughter- 7 – 12

Production Company: Alchemy

Production Type: Commercial / Corporate Video

Contact Information:

Run Time: Short B-Roll in a 3 minute piece

Compensation: Paid

Union Status: Non – Union

Audition Information: Please send current headshot, along with a selfie from the day you submit (to verify your current look), to We will reply back if you are in consideration.

Shooting Schedule: December 2, 2018, exact times TBD.

Filming Location: Denver or Colorado Springs

Project Description: Looking for a fun Daddy/Daughter pair for a spot for Advanced Auto Parts. Real Daddy / Daughter teams, or individuals, can both apply. If you have an agent please submit through them directly. Only apply if you are available on December 2nd.

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Join the only integrated platform for models in every stage of their career. Find work based on your location, book directly with verified clients, and get paid in as few as 24 hours.

Jumpstart your portfolio with a complimentary digital comp card by attending one of our open casting calls!

Arrive anytime within the allotted time frame. Come camera ready, with minimal makeup, natural hair, and simple, form-fitting attire.

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Casting call for small product shoot in Boulder on 11/1

Seeking an actress for a small shoot in Boulder, CO on 11/1. Paid job, actress will be on set for less than 5 hours interacting with a home-technology robotics product made by one of our clients. Mid-20’s actress, all ethnicities welcome to submit. Non-speaking role, please come to set wardrobe and make-up ready.

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Event staffing company is seeking actors for upcoming interactive whiskey experience in Denver, CO. In search of all types, age range 22-40 male and female. Interactive scenes will be in part scripted and improvised. Quick thinking improvisational comedic and dramatic skills a must. Actors should be comfortable interfacing with both the public and clients.

Digital auditions 9/12-9/15 (to the NY office via Skype, G-Chat, FaceTime, WhatsApp etc)

Submit headshot, resume to

Paid position $20-$22+/hour

Non-union special event.

Rehearsal 10/10 (3 hours), Denver

Event dates 10/11 & 10/12 (4pm-11pm), Denver

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CASTING KIDS, AGES 3-6, all ethnicities, for spec commercial for a new, unreleased game from the global toy company, Spin Master. PAID, NON-UNION

Perfect for kids who are just getting into on-camera acting or who want to build their commercial reel. It will be a small, low-key set with easy to follow actions.

*A parent/guardian MUST be present for the entirety of filming.*

Location: Boulder, CO, exterior location TBD.

When: Friday, July 20, ~3:30pm-6:45pm. Some flexibility in shoot date/time ~ if you’re interested in the project, but have a conflict, please include your availability in your submission.

Rate: $75

Director: Laurel Cohen (director’s reel:

Please email submissions and headshots to Include age & availability. Thanks! =)


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Xfinity Latino Entertainment Host

We are always interested in finding fresh, experienced, on camera talent in our area. If you have a minimum of 1-2 years experience on camera in a reporting or anchor position, and speak fluent Spanish, we’d love to see your demo. Our weekly entertainment program / channel reaching 22 million homes nation-wide via Comcast Xfinity’s cable platform. We are looking for fun, engaging talent who are professional and also capable of sharing educated opinions on the topics being discussed. Each week we feature the best in programming, sports, services and exclusive interviews for our viewers from our studios here in Denver. We are looking for both male and female Latino hosts. Experience with teleprompter is a must. Each week you’ll participate in a table read through with the director and producers, and then be on set with our team for the taping the next day.

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On-Camera Talent Needed for Short Film

To aspiring actors and actresses!:::

I am creating a short film for the Single Take Film Challenge ( and am looking for on screen talent. The exact shoot dates are TBD depending on actor/actress availability, but will be sometime in late July/early August. There are a variety of roles I’m looking to fill – comedic, dramatic, etc. so all aspiring actors/actresses are welcome to reach out. Please be prepared to provide a resume and/or reel of your previous on camera experience.

If interested, please send an email to

Looking forward to seeing your talent!

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Need production designer for one scene in an indie film (Denver)

An indie film currently shooting in Colorado needs a production designer to come up with a plan to take a bare bones corner booth in a generic restaurant and transform it into something that can be sold as a booth in a Japanese noodle shop.

Please send your resume and portfolio if interested. This is a paid job, amount TBD based on experience. There is also a small budget for set dressing.

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Talent needed for new spy drama feature film ADRIFT

Searching for acting talent for the latest movie by Vagabond Entertainment, ADRIFT is a spy drama, a continuation of our film AVAILABLE, currently on Amazon Prime.

Filming TBD in June in the greater Denver area. Pay depends on role and experience. Transportation will be paid for any non-local travel. All roles will receive a percentage of the movie’s profits, the amount dependent on role.


ADRIFT is a spy drama focusing on James Kane, a retired agent pulled back into the life against his will.



Latham: Masquerading as the cruise ship’s chaplain, Latham is actually an operative of the clandestine spy organization known as The Faction. He tries to recruit Kane to the cause, and pays the ultimate price. One day shoot.


The Handler is the lead’s contact within the spy organization. Deadly, intense, but with a sense of humor, The Handler has a long contentious history with James Kane, the movie’s lead. They meet in a Japanese noodle shop for one last meeting. One day shoot.


Need a hand model for scenes representing the person pulling the strings in the spy organization known as The Faction. One day shoot.

Please submit headshots and resumes. Thanks!

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Looking for New Local Actors

My Name is Dick Fulton, and I am the Lead Media Agent with MAXIMUM Talent here in Denver. We are always looking for new local actors (Union and non-union) that have a strong resume with plenty of training and experience. If you are seeking possible representation, send me a couple headshots, your resume, and any demo reels you have and then we can talk, and discuss how we might be able to help each other out.

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