(Loste Films)
Produced by Luke Ostermiller
Directed by Richard Corso
Written by Adrian Robert Eledge

Moments before a production, two manic performers wander a maze of liquor stores, dingy alleys and back stage sets while experiencing a drug induced existential crisis. (Drawing inspiration from ‘Birdman’ and ‘Louie’.)

FRANK (40-45) stand up comedian turned clown.
EDDIE (25-30) cynically depressed mime who talks too much
TIM (30-50) grumpy Assistant Director
GARY (75-90) a magician who lost his mind ten years ago

Shoot dates (3 total) BETWEEN 6/6-6/10
AUDITIONS will take place TUESDAY, APRIL 25th
Please send RESUME & HEADSHOT to <>

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Two actors needed for Pueblo drama

Scotland Road Films is seeking two male actors for a dramatic short film to be shot April 29 and 30 in Pueblo, Co.
Males must be between 22-30 for both roles. One role is the second lead, the other is a minor role.
Second lead must have some experience, while other needs only a little experience.
If interested, please email a resume, head shot and reel or monologue video to
A script can be emailed upon request along with more information on the project. There is no pay, however you will receive an IMDB credit, a copy of the film upon request and a letter of recommendation upon request.

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Casting Actors for Indie Feature Length Film

Genre: Western
Logline: In an unremarkable near future, and an American Southwest devoid of the romanticism and beauty it once possessed, a Colorado Ranger pursues a group of five young people fleeing from the law to a nearly empty town in the middle of nowhere. Confronting their own personal obsessions with death and brutality, each must chose to abandon violence or embrace it on their way to a bloody conclusion.

Roles: Woman- [FEMALE] Looks like early 20s. The unnamed Woman travelling with the group is mysterious and intense, slowly assuming a leadership role and commanding respect from three boys who are barely more than children.
Harmon- [MALE] Looks like early 20s. After killing a family of four in a barroom shooting, Harmon fled the scene with new acquaintances Tommy, Garrett, Daniel, and the Woman. Even though he’s clearly the most unstable of the group, Harmon has a strange contentment about him, almost as if he’s already achieved his goals and is waiting for a conclusion only he knows is coming.
Tommy- [MALE] Looks teenaged. With his best friends Daniel and Garrett, Tommy is enamored with the perceived violence of the American Southwest that he’s grown up with. Unlike his friends, Tommy is intense and passionate about rebelling against a society that has, in his words, “grown tired of itself.”
Daniel- [MALE] Looks teenaged. Although he remains just as obsessed with the romanticized West as his friend Garrett and Tommy, Daniel is a scared and lonely teenager in a situation out of his control.
Production Company: Brandhouse
Director: Samuel Marko
Producer: Kaitlin McMullen
Production Type: Independent/Student
Contact Information:,
Run Time: Feature
Compensation: Unpaid, meals provided, transportation if necessary
Union Status: Non-Union
Audition Information: Email us with the character(s) you are interested in auditioning for with your headshot (also send in a demo reel if you have one available). We will email back script excerpts for a video audition/skype interview. No set date for callbacks.
Shooting Schedule: Month of June, basing it off of the availability of cast. No official schedule set at the moment.
Filming Location: Ken-caryl Valley, Littleton, CO/ Lakewood, CO area
Project Description: Contemporary Western

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Casting Host for Web Series Bike Travel Show

Production company: Lightsky Videography LLC
Contact email:

Denver-based production company seeking host, male or female, age range 20-40 for a new web series show, Travel Bike. Outgoing, friendly, funny, energetic. Show will encompass the host exploring a destination on a bike, providing scripted voiceover, and interviewing episode guests. While riding will be necessary, no hardcore, extreme riding will be involved. Initially producing three short web episodes. Non-union.

Shooting pilot episode in mid April.

Please reply with headshot and resume. Providing a link to a demo/audition reel is a plus. Only those shortlisted will be contacted with an opportunity to meet the producers for an audition.

Pay: Day rate (will discuss further at audition)

Thanks for your interest in our project!

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Casting Short Horror Film

Short Gothic horror film FIRST TIME is casting for production in Spring of 2017: A young man on the road alone. A killer on the loose. A stranger with a secret. There’s a first time for everything.

Roles vary between 1-3 shooting days.

Auditions will be scheduled on a rolling basis. Please submit a resume and headshot for consideration.

Actors without previous film experience are welcome to submit. Shoot is all night exterior, on location in the Boulder County area.

This is a horror film, and the production involves partial nudity, graphic situations, homoerotic undercurrents and violent themes, as well as some bloody effects and supernatural elements.

MARKUS / Non-Union// Principal / Male / All Ethnicities / 18-20
Innocent, socially awkward, Markus is a hitchhiker on his own. Vulnerable in a way that might be exploited. If you like fake blood, this is for you. Brief non-sexual nudity.

THE GIRL / Non-Union / Featured / Female / All Ethnicities / 18-20s
Her future was interrupted by this night. She could have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we suspect she was chosen, hunted. Strong physical and expressive skills are necessary, this is a vital role with screen time, but not a speaking part.

BENJAMIN / Non-Union/ Principal / Male / All Ethnicities / 40s-60s
Benjamin is a grizzled, man-of-the-mountain type, but can show a gruff paternal nature. He’s not a born teacher, and is out of his element as a leader/mentor.

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Open Casting Call – CU Denver Film Program

The University of Colorado at Denver Film and Television Program is casting for our film production classes for spring semester 2017. This joint session will be casting dozens of roles for a variety of classes and projects, from directing exercises, to first and second year short films, which will be screened at Cinefest, our May 2017 in-house film festival, and potentially other film festivals. • Available roles are ages 16 to 65. All genders, races and ethnicities are
encouraged to audition.
• Shoot dates will vary by project, but all will shoot in & near Denver in
February, March, and April 2017.
• Union and nonunion actors are welcome. (Individual projects may choose to
sign union contracts at their discretion.)
• Most projects are unpaid, although actors who are cast will receive footage for reels, meals, and the opportunity to work with up-and-coming Denver
filmmakers on professional sets.
Auditions will be held on the Auraria campus in downtown Denver on these dates: – Thursday February 16, 5-9pm- Friday February 17, 5-9pm- Saturday February 18, 1-5pmPlease send headshots and resumes to to be scheduled. Please prepare a monologue unless you are requested to do otherwise.

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Short 1980s Scifi Film Casting Call: Calling Adiona

Title: Calling Adiona
Production: Trisync Productions

Logline: In 1981 after the launch of his father, Alan, on the spaceship Adiona, James and his family must cope with Alan’s absence. After NASA loses contact with Alan’s spaceship, James and his mother, Jane, deal with the aftermath of his death. However, when James is visited by a ghostly presence he begins to suspect his father might not be dead after all.

James – Male, 10-13, Caucasian. Curious, fond of space and gadgets, extremely imaginative
Jane – Female, 35-45, Caucasian. Strong, wife of test pilot and astronaut, independent and loving mother
Alan – Male, 30-40, Caucasian. Husband; test pilot and astronaut; former military
Friend of Widows and Orphans – 30s. Government worker who notifies the family of the death

Genre: Scifi / Drama
Audition: Please send headshot, resume, and/or reel or example of work to the email listed.
Physical audition can be arranged if needed.
Production Type: Independent Short
Run Time: 12 min
JAMES: $100 (5 days)
JANE: $80 (4 days)
ALAN: $50 (2 days)
Friend of Widows and Orphans: $20 (1 day)
Food and transportation included.
Union Status: Non-Union
Shooting Schedule: February 24-27, two additional shooting dates in March
Shooting Location: Colorado Springs, CO

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Undercover Casting Calls

Undercover will be at Open Auditions this weekend!!!
Title: Undercover
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Logline: A rogue cop goes undercover to find a serial killer while fighting demons of his own.
AGE: late teens early twenties
HAIR: Blonde
GENDER: Female
BODY TYPE: Fit to athletic
Sally a natural head turner, she is on break from college, meeting a friend at the park. A friend that has been chasing her for a couple of years now, she usually keeps things friendly coffee, lunch, but she recently broke up with her college boyfriend and is free to have fun this summer.
AGE: Mid to late twenties
BODY TYPE: Athletic
Zach is Connors partner, he’s been on the force a few years longer than Connor and is over eager to get his first big bust.
AGE: five – seven
BODY TYPE: below average weight for age
A lonely boy in a dysfunctional situation.
AGE: Mid-twenties
GENDER: Female
BODY TYPE: Ziggy Stardust thin
A back page call girl, she’s twenty four going on forty. One dead end job after another,Stephanie’s looking for some quick cash to get her life back together, but she needs to cure her drug habit first. She set up shop with her boyfriend, who is occasionally abusive, “but that’s
okay, I’m not gonna be here that long anyway” she would say. She also has a little girl, and just wants a break.
AGE: Fiftyish
BODY TYPE: Average
Neighborhood Catholic Priest, that Connor seeks solace from.
AGE: Late teens early twenties
BODY TYPE: Average to athletic
Jim, customer service rep by day, actor by night, well actually taking acting classes, but has an audition next week. Things are looking good for Jim, if everything goes well he can quit his day job. If the prospect of escaping an unsatisfying existence enough, the girl of his dreams, the one he’s been chasing since high school finally said yes. Meeting at the park at noon, he hasn’t seen her since last summer, he wants to make a good impression, show that his life is on the up and up, but most importantly wants to be more than just a friend for lunch.
AGE: Mid twenties
BODY TYPE: thin to scrawny
Lower level street thug, pimp that lives with his girlfriend, together they run a back page escort service. Jarrett a compulsive gambler and drug abuser has gotten himself into a pay up or else situation, and plans to pull a fast one on two over eager drug buyers.
AGE: Early twenties
Gender: Female
BODY TYPE: Average
She’s Connor’s mother, a runaway at sixteen, turned to prostitution to support herself. She had Connor at nineteen, father unknown. Life on the streets was tough but Connor offered a new level of complexity, and eventually turned into an inconvenience on her lifestyle.
AGE: forty – fifty
BODY TYPE: years of donuts and fast food
Captain Johnson is Connor’s boss, they have built a respectable and professional relationship. There may be a serial killer in town and the press is putting the heat on the force. Captain Johnson needs answers fast, he is undermanned and running out of time. One of his best men is on administrative leave, Captain Johnson hopes to talk him into doing some investigative work off the clock.
AGE: Thirties to forties
HAIR: Longer dark
A pimp with a violent streak, he’s just trying to keep his girl under his control.
Production Company: Psycho-BabyProductions
Production Type: Student Film
Contact Email for script and Details!
Run Time: Short
Compensation: Unpaid
Union Status: Non-Union
Audition Information: We will be holding auditions Friday February 3rd from 11am-7pm and February 4th from and 10 am to 6pm at the Colorado Film School in the Bungalow.
Shooting Schedule: Late September to October
Filming Location: CFS, and on Locations.

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Migraine or Headache Sufferers, Short Documentary Stories

We are creating three 1-minute, animated documentaries sponsored by Excedrin in which headache or migraine sufferers explain their headache pain using a descriptive metaphor, and also what it feels like once relief finally sets in. We are in search of three people who suffer from migraines or headaches frequently or infrequently, but whose lives are or have been disrupted by the pain. Ideally, talent has tried and liked Excedrin to get the relief they need. If not, talent should be willing to speak positively about Excedrin’s ability to provide relief.

Each video will begin as a video interview, then transition into an animated world in which we creatively visualize the metaphor for the pain.

We’re looking for diversity in backgrounds, ages and also types of headache or migraines, and we’re looking for unique and creative ways that each person describes the pain.

For example, “it’s like someone hammering 1,000 tiny nails into my temples” or “it’s like a boa constrictor that tightens at the back of my neck and shoulders, then crawls up my head and squeezes my eyes.”

The animations will be light-hearted and not morbid while still emphasizing the pain that headaches and migraines cause.

Then, the second part of the video will describe what it’s like to finally get relief. “It’s like I’m finally freed and can float above the world on a cloud.”

To audition, please send an e-mail with your name, age, occupation and a 1-2 minute video of yourself (can be recorded on cell phone or web cam) telling us about your headaches or migraines to

Pay: $75 and you’ll be expected to join us for a 1-hour interview in the Denver area the week of February 20, 2017.

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NEU PRODUCTIONS Looking For Executive Producer

Neu Productions, a turn-key adventure sports, documentary and commercial film production company based in Denver, Colorado, is currently looking for an experienced executive producer to join the team. Executive producer must have knowledge of action and adventure sports space along with commercial advertising. Persons must believe in the outdoors, have a strong organizational set, and have 3+ years of professional experience working within commercial film production. Position would require EP to cultivate new and existing business and manage productions from the ground up (crew, logistics, travel, permitting, and insurance). EP must live within the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado.

If your interested, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit a detailed CV, reel or resume to:

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Post-Production editor needed!!

Break Silence, a Colorado film production business, is searching for a post-production editor to come on board our team. We have various projects lined up for spring 2017 all through the Year. This is a paid position so people who are serious about film please contact me at we are looking for a fun, energetic, team-oriented person to come join our awesome team, if thats you please contact me so we can talk more! Have a good day and we look forward on working with you!

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Star Wars Project – CASTING CALL

If you are interested in acting in a 70 minute Star Wars fan project (filming July through August 2017) you may take a look at the open casting call in the link below:
All information will be found in this document, it is subject to change.
The sheet is listed by importance starting from the top, with the protagonist at the top and extras at the bottom.
Please contact us at if you are interested or if you may require more information.

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Adult male and female actors wanted for student films made by Colorado Academy
film and video program.

Three diverse short films are being made.

Film One is about NSA workers . . .
2 males and 1 female – 30 – 50 years of age.
All ethnicities encouraged.

Film Two is about “the past” . . .
1 male “grandpa”, 60s or 70s Caucasian
1 male “dad” 30s-50s. Caucasian

Film Three is a mini-film noir
1 male . . . 40s,50s
all ethnicities encouraged . . .

please email with headshot and resume :

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Seeking Two Male Leads for Short Film

My name is Fox Helms. I am a junior at Denver School of the Arts, majoring in film. For my junior project, I am seeking two male actors that fit the following descriptions.

Male, Late 20s early 30s. Handsome, tall, short haired.

Male, Late 50s. Slim, white hair.

Production is set to take place in late January, early February. Specific dates are TBD in accordance with the actor’s schedule. Both actors need to be able and willing to run for long periods of time. This is a non-paying opportunity, but actors will be provided food on set and IMDb credit.
If you are interested, please text or email me your headshot and we can schedule an audition.
My contact information is also available to anyone that has questions about the project.


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Teach Film in Middle School – Paid Gig Denver

DMHS is hiring up to three very part-time creative and/or physical expressions guides. These guides work with up to 20 younger adolescents (7th – 9th grade) to provide students skill building and practice time where the goal is to instill a love of learning and enjoyment for that particular creative or physical expression.

*Required Qualifications: Qualified candidates will have minimum of two years of college credit along with a demonstrated expertise in the area he/she would like to guide.
*Preferred Qualifications: qualified candidates will have minimum of two years of college credit along with a demonstrated expertise in the area he/she would like to guide.
*How to Apply: Qualified candidates please email and apply for the position through the DPS website. Search under Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School.

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The Permanent Vacation – Student Short Comedy

Title: The Permanent Vacation
Genre: Comedy
Logline: A man finds out he has cancer and decides to spend the rest of his life on vacation.
Production Company: Spectra Nova Film Company
Production Type: Student Film
Run Time: Short (Approx. 5 minutes)
Compensation: Unpaid
Auditions: Monday, November 28 at Warren Tech Central campus (13300 W Second Pl, Lakewood, CO 80228) from 12:30 to 1:30pm
Shooting Dates (Approximate): Wednesday, November 30 through Saturday, December 3
Filming Locations: Lakewood, Red Cliff, Denver
Additional Information: If you are interested in any roles below, please send a headshot and/or demo reel to the email listed. Not all actors will be required for all dates listed. More information related to your role and what is required will be provided. This is a student film, and no pay can be provided, however food will be available. Hopefully, actors can provide most wardrobe elements (nothing you wouldn’t already own).

Roles to be cast:
Marcus Hanaway (lead) – Male, late 20s to early 30s, not very creative, not very bright, doesn’t express much emotion, easygoing. Wardrobe: Various jeans and t-shirts, windbreaker jacket, heavy winter coat, snow goggles (provided), running gear, backpack

Doctor Lewis (secondary) – Male, age not specified, serious in specific situations as any doctor should be, otherwise energetic. Wardrobe: Khakis, plain sweater, optional lab coat

Christina, Mark’s girlfriend (supporting) – Female, late 20s to early 30s, obnoxious and angry when she doesn’t get her way, but otherwise caring. Wardrobe: Something nice and casual, preferably dark colors

Charlie, Mark’s brother (supporting) – Male, late 20s to late 30s, cares for his brother. Wardrobe: Something nice and casual

Mark’s grandmother (supporting) – Female, late 60s to early 70s, loves her grandson. Wardrobe: Something warm and cozy that you might find someone wearing in a retirement home

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Title: The Bite
Production: Bad Hombre Films
Logline: A journey into the world of a delusional serial killer. As he tracks his most beautiful victim, his world of sensuality and violence consumes him.
Roles to be cast
Simon – Male, 25-35. Handsome, athletic build. He is a delusional serial killer. He fancies himself an artist.
Maria – Female, 22-32. Beautiful and confident. The next target for Simon’s collection. However, she may not be the easy prey Simon expects.
Herb – Male, 23 or older. “Everyone felt the need to take a shower after meeting him.” Shifty, unkempt. The depraved assistant to Simon.
Natalie – Female, 22-32. Beautiful. Simon’s first victim. Non speaking part.
Genre: Horror
Audition DATE: DEC 3, 2016
Location: Colorado Film School — 9075 Lowry Blvd, Bldg. 965. Denver, CO, 80230
Production Type: Indie Short
Run Time: Short (15-20 min)
Compensation: Paid (SAG Micro-budget)
Union Status: Non-Union
Shooting Schedule: Jan 27-29th, 2017
Shooting Location: Denver, CO

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Music Video Casting

Casting call for an ACTRESS and CHILD ACTOR for a folk song music video called “Not Good Enough” by Paul Ski.

Actress: Age 20s-early 30s. Actress will be talking to the singer outside in the city, kissing him and then saying the words “Honey, you’re not good enough”.
Child Actor: Age 8-12 years. Boy or girl. Child must have bike, the shot will be the kid riding thier bike down the sidewalk, stopping and turning to the singer to saying the words “You’re not good enough”.

Reply with headshot or clear picture, acting resume. Though no experience is required.

You can see the music of Paul Ski here:

This is an unpaid gig, (but!) I’m offering free headshots to our actors, you can see my headshot portfolio here:


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Looking for Animator for Animated Series Pilot Episode

We are looking for an animator to help us create the Pilot episode of our new comedy animated series. We are working on getting the funding for the remainder of the series, but are required to produce a pilot episode before we can move forward with funding for the remainder of the first season.

We are looking for a 2D animator that can provide us with a reel of their work. The style we want to give some creative freedom to, so we will look at reels and decide which one best conveys the style that we want for the production.

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Now Casting Families Who Are Moving BACK Into Their Childhood Homes!

Now Casting Families Who Are Moving BACK Into Their Childhood Homes!

Are your parents ready to downsize? Are they looking for a new home that’s perfect for the next stage in their lives? Are you and your family taking over their family home? Will you be renovating your childhood home to your liking?

If your parents are on the hunt for a new home and you’re planning on taking over your childhood home, we would love to hear from you!

A major cable network is looking for extended families to be a part of a new home transformation show! Each episode will follow a different family as they move back into their childhood home and then renovate it to their liking. At the same time, we’ll follow their parents as they move out of their old home and hunt for a new perfect home to start the next chapter of their lives.

If this sounds like you and your family—we’d love to hear from you. Interested families should email ASAP! Please include your name, contact info, location, parents names and contact info, family photos, photos of the home you’ll be moving into, and a brief description of what needs to be changed in the home to make it perfect for your family. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Entry Level Warehouse Position

We are on the search for a new friendly team member that can help us manage warehouse check-ins and check-outs primarily in the grip & electric category. If you know and enjoy working with G&E gear then give us a call or email your info.

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Looking for New Local Actors

My Name is Dick Fulton, and I am the Lead Media Agent with MAXIMUM Talent here in Denver. We are always looking for new local actors (Union and non-union) that have a strong resume with plenty of training and experience. If you are seeking possible representation, send me a couple headshots, your resume, and any demo reels you have and then we can talk, and discuss how we might be able to help each other out.

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Registering Extras Now in Denver!

Drop-in Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 4pm (No appointment necessary).

Location: 2501 Champa St. Suite A, Denver, CO, 80205. Visit our website for complete details.

To set up an appointment for another day or time, please call or email.

Registering Extras Now in Denver!

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