Short film to shoot january looking for cast and crew

Short surrealist student MFA Thesis film to be shot from January 10th-15th in Mead (between Longmont and Boulder). Times approximately 7am-5pm. I’m currently searching for cast and select crew. Please refer below for details:

-In need of PA’s, Grips, Art Department and a Boom Operator. I’m open to people coming for all days or just the ones they can, as I understand it is difficult to commit to multiple shoot dates. IMDb Credit will be provided, along with food. This will be a very small crew, so wearing multiple hats is appreciated. Let me know your experience whether I’m school or professional. Feel free to link work.


Apparent Age: 21-30 (open to older actors who look younger)
Ethnicity: Native American
Description: Bear is a down-to-earth and easy going. He is loving and accepting f his best friend Catori, and helps guide her through her mental journey.

Name: Catori
Apparent age: 21-30 (open to younger looking actors who are older)
Ethnicity: bi-racial Native American and Caucasian
Gender: Female
About: Catori is a young woman dealing with the monsters that exist in her mind. She is struggling to reconcile her identity and deal with the demons of her past. She has a slight spunk to her, Yet is very introspective.

name: Rei
Apparent age: 21-30 (open to older actors who appear younger)
Ethnicity: Non-specific
Gender: Female
About: a calm and Well-mannered woman who’s easy to get along with. Rei is friendly and helps guide Catori through her thoughts.

Please email a link to your reel and submit a short video monologue. The monologue may be shot on any device, including phone, webcam, etc. and a link to IMDb or a resume. I will be looking through submissions over the next week.

Other: extras to shoot on January 10th. Native American and Caucasian. Appear high school age. Shoot will last about 1-2 hours.

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Background Extras Needed!!

Hi! I’m a high school student looking for Freshmans/Juniors background extras to be in my short film this weekend (Sunday) from 9:30am to no later than noon. There will be food provided for your time. If interested you can contact me at this email for further info.



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Production Dates & Locations
Location: Denver, CO.
Shooting Dates: December 9 – December 17th, 2017
Compensation & Union Contract Details
$125/day for actors. Rate Negotiable for Name Talent.

Production Title : “Deceit”.

Production Description:
Casting “Deceit”, a feature film about a teenage boy from a wealthy family whose life gets turned upside down when he falls for a very beautiful young lady who is older than him and has the ability to manipulate him.

Marilyn (Lead) (Female, 21-26)- Pretty, confident, classically attractive and mysterious lady. She usually has a pleasant expression, but it’s easy to notice that she is trying to mask a deep dark secret, she’s protective of “Jeff”, but curbs her romantic feeling for him.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Jeff (Lead) (Male, 19-24)- Very tall and handsome teenage boy who seem lost and so much in love with his girlfriend. He loves to spend time with her and can’t stop getting her expensive gifts.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Ashley (Lead) (Female 21-26) Marilyn’s best friend, very beautiful and easy going. She cares a lot about Marilyn but doesn’t like the way she treats jeff.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Mark (Supporting) (Male, 29-45)- Jeff’s personal driver, very loyal and hardworking. Drives jeff around the city most expensive designer shops to pick up expensive gifts for Marilyn.
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities.

Mr. Edstrom (Supporting): Male, 45-60
Jeff’s Father, a very wealth real estate investor, always busy traveling on different business trip and have little for no time for his family.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Anne Edstrom (Supporting): Female, 40-56
Mr. Edstrom elegant wife.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

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Cast & Crew needed for Denver-based TV Pilot

The producers of ‘Longmont Potion Castle: The Show’ are searching for cast and crew (paid) for a one-day shoot in Denver on Dec 18th


Sound Recordist, DOP (one-person shooter) and Production Designer.



Denver Police Officer Male; 40s, mild manner, likeable, modest looking.

Denver Police Officer Female; 30s, momish, affable and friendly.

Denver Police Chief, 40s – 60s, gruff and ill-tempered.

Denver Police Office Receptionist; Female, Denver-to-the-core, a bit simple, any age.

‘Irate Citizens’; Three, short speaking roles – ‘average citizens of Denver’ with a bone to pick…anyone welcome to apply.

8 extras required; all ages/genders/nationality welcome to apply

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Sound Recorder / Boom Operator – Paid

Hi Guys,

Looking for someone who can provide their own equipment and work as both sound recorder/boom operator (i.e., 1 person who can take care of sound for the shoot).

Plan is to offer $125 / day for 2 day shoot (so $250 total) plus IMDb credit. Shooting dates are Fri Dec 1 and Sat Dec 2.

And I’m also hoping to find someone that wants to work as a creative partner instead of just a sound-for-hire. Going to shoot in some beautiful mountain forest locations, and sound will be huge for this – dialogue, of course, but also sounds of footsteps in snow, stream of water, and that tangible quiet of deep mountain woods. Basically, I’m looking for someone who’d be excited by the idea of trying to blend human and natural sound. And it’ll be a small team – probably just 5-7 of us or so, so I’d want someone who’s in it for a love of the game and would be excited to work collaboratively.

Please send resume and/or relevant sound background. And please also be sure to indicate if you have access to your own equipment.


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Male Actor 50+ yrs needed for short film

Title: Aspen Springs Ep 2: Christmas Kisses
Logline: Home is Where the Horror Hides
Company: Buddha Haus Studios
Compensation: Unpaid, food provided
Union status: Nonunion

Buddha Haus Studios is now casting for the upcoming horror web series, Aspen Springs. We are looking for actors and technicians of all kinds to fill multiple roles. Please send your headshots/resume to, and we will contact you for a short video audition if any openings fit your talents.


The Neighbor
Role Type: horror lead
Gender: Male
Age Range: 50+
Ethnicity: All Ethnicities
Description: A greasy, unkempt man who attempts to murder his neighbor on Christmas Eve

Filming will take place next month, December 2017.

Please send headshots and resume’s to We look forward to seeing your auditions!

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Written & Directed by Richard Corso
Produced by Digital Darklords LLC & Richard Corso LLC

Two lovers run from the police after a robbery hours before their getaway train arrives into town. The police have only one lead: a rare brand of cigarettes called ‘Cassidy Blues’, left behind on the scene of the crime.

JULIAN – (Age 23-27/African American)
LULU – (Age 23-27/African American)
DETECTIVE BROOKS – (Age 40-50/African American)
COPS (Various)

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Student Film: Long Shot

Genre: Drama

Wyatt is reaching his years of middle age stuck in a boring desk job and dreaming of his life as a superhero. What will happen when he gives in to those urges and desires?

Roles: (Male lead) Wyatt- mid 30s, Wyatt has a love for superheroes and everything that comes with them. Never quite grew up. Kind hearted, committed, and loving to his wife.
(Female Lead) Amelia- early to mid 30s. Amelia is a lover of books. She is logical and caring. Supports Wyatt through even his craziest endeavors.
(Minor Characters) Police Officer- Middle aged. Kind man of the law.
Boss- Young adult. Snarky and sarcastic. Treats everyone around him with disrespect.
Boy- 13-15 years old. Scared of talking to strangers, especially ones in superhero costumes.
Man- Young adult. Drunk and loud.
Woman(Cass)- Young adult, also drunk.
Mother- Young to middle aged.
Child- Very young

Run Time: Short film, 10-20 minutes
Compensation: Unpaid, provided with food and water.
Shooting: TBD
Filming Location: TBD

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Actors needed for student short film.

Title: One Crazy Day

Genre: Comedy

Logline: Rich is in a hurry to get beans for his friend Sue but keeps running into stranger and stranger obstacles on his way and must try and put a stop to all of the nonsense so he can get his beans.


Rich- Lead role, age: 17-22, Gender: Male. Description: Main protagonist.

Sue- Second lead, age: 17-22, Gender: Female. Description: Friend of Rich.

Burt- Supporting, age: 17-22, Gender: Male. Description: Main antagonist.

Graham- Supporting, age: 25-35, Gender: Male. Description: Tries to sell chicken to everybody.

Creepy Religious Extremest- Supporting, age: 22-25, Gender: Male. Description: Tries to convert people to his bizarre religion.

Friend of Burt- Supporting, age: 17-22, Gender: Male. Description: Burt’s crony who speaks in an odd verbose manor.

Old Lady- Supporting, age: 55-60, Gender: Female. Description: Appears at the end and asks if the food is ready.

If you are interested in working on this project or have any questions about it please e-mail me quickly. Thanks!

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Production Description- THANKSGIVING DAY
Project Type- Feature Film
Compensation/Pays- $150/day.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations
Location: Denver,Colorado
Shooting Dates: October 28-November 12, 2017
Rehearsals: Dates TBD between October 22-26, 2017

Thanksgiving Day is about a bitter family, still grieving from the recent death of the youngest child, on Thanksgiving night when mysteriously, none of their relatives arrive for their traditional dinner.


Martha Wyatt (Lead) Female (40-50)
The mother of the family and the most devastated by the death of the child; practically lived for him; a former Stepford wife suddenly turned Lady Macbeth.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Randall Wyatt (Lead) Male (40-50)

The least outwardly affected by the boy’s death, but appearances deceive; hiding something devastating which he conceals until this fateful night.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Charlene Wyatt (Lead) 20-30

The most openly hostile member of the family; cannot accept her brother’s death or her mother’s former doting on him, or the entire transformation of the family life, even though she’s always hated it.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Dalton Wyatt (Lead) 19-27

The first son of the family; very close to the deceased brother because they were entangled in a lot of fun activities together ranging from playing video games and playing with the family pets.

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Extra (18-45)
Ethnicity: Any

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Writer Needed for Documentary

I am producing a documentary for the University of Colorado Boulder called The Light Shines On. This documentary is a story of CU – It’s History, impact on the world, and most importantly the people who make CU such a special place. I am looking for a writer to structure the story as well as write the VO narration of the film. We are aiming for a 23-24 min runtime.

Ideally, I am looking for someone local in Denver/Boulder area and someone who has some general knowledge of CU Boulder (not a hard requirement, but would certainly help). This job would start immediately. We are hoping to be in post by the second half of September with a late October completion date. Please contact me to discuss exact schedules for outlining and writing as well as rates. Thank you!!

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Looking for Dedicated filmmakers!

Hi All I’m looking for mainly Colorado Springs based, director of photography, story board artist, artistic director and multiple crew positions for a collaborative project. Literally looking for someone who is up for new challenges and tacong new talent! If this is you please email text or whatever just get a hold of me! I neeeed you all 🙂

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NEU PRODUCTIONS Looking For Executive Producer

Neu Productions, a turn-key adventure sports, documentary and commercial film production company based in Denver, Colorado, is currently looking for an experienced executive producer to join the team. Executive producer must have knowledge of action and adventure sports space along with commercial advertising. Persons must believe in the outdoors, have a strong organizational set, and have 3+ years of professional experience working within commercial film production. Position would require EP to cultivate new and existing business and manage productions from the ground up (crew, logistics, travel, permitting, and insurance). EP must live within the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado.

If your interested, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit a detailed CV, reel or resume to:

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Post-Production editor needed!!

Break Silence, a Colorado film production business, is searching for a post-production editor to come on board our team. We have various projects lined up for spring 2017 all through the Year. This is a paid position so people who are serious about film please contact me at we are looking for a fun, energetic, team-oriented person to come join our awesome team, if thats you please contact me so we can talk more! Have a good day and we look forward on working with you!

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Looking for New Local Actors

My Name is Dick Fulton, and I am the Lead Media Agent with MAXIMUM Talent here in Denver. We are always looking for new local actors (Union and non-union) that have a strong resume with plenty of training and experience. If you are seeking possible representation, send me a couple headshots, your resume, and any demo reels you have and then we can talk, and discuss how we might be able to help each other out.

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