UTR Films Still Accepting Submissions For Our New Movie ‘Broken Clay’


Owen Hisle and UTR Films Is Still Accepting Submissions >>> Personal Assistant, Catering/Craft Services, and Electrical Lights For Our New Award Winning- Script and Trailer/Teaser ‘BROKEN CLAY’ To Be Made Into A Full Movie This August 2018

To submit visit http://www.owenhisle.com – and follow all instructions

(best to submit from any PC because cell/mobile phones are not user friendly when viewing any website)


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Casting & Crew Call for Short Film


Casting for an independent short drama being filmed in the Fort Collins area.

Home Movies is about the systemic abuse of an adopted young girl at the hands her bigger sister. It’s a story of truly horrific acts that seem unpunished and unseen, until someone later discovers the evidence of these hideous crimes.


DIRECTOR (male, early 20’s to 30’s) an independent film maker with a heightened sense of empathy that discovers this crime through the most bizarre means.

PRODUCER (mid 20’s to mid 30’s) long time friend and close collaborator with DIRECTOR, attempts to guide him through this tragic experience.

BIG SISTER (can play young range between 16- 20)  has a sadistic desire to be the worst bully to her younger, adopted sister. There was always a darkness lying within her that became unchained with the arrival of her new sibling.

MOTHER (ages 35-55) A caring, loving, and affectionate mother. She is sadly oblivious to the abuse of her younger, adopted daughter.
Please submit any interest with headshots or demos /reels of previous work.

For any casting questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail.
We will have the need for extras so anyone interested in joining the fun, feel free to contact me too!

Also looking to support local film making talent looking to build their experience. Please submit any interest with your level of expertise, any previous work experience, and the desired roll or goal you would like to accomplish while working with us. I will be sure to get back to you A.S.A.P.

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AQCT Press Release – “Casting Call”
qUest 2018- documentary series
Currently Accepting Submissions

WE are on a QUEST to find YOU!

a qUest cALLed triBE is currently on a quest to meet “Rad Humans”

Are you Someone committed to saving our Planet?
Are you an Organic Farmer helping to rebuild America’s farmland?
Are you dedicated to helping the vulnerable and the voiceless?
Are you a voice for diversity?
Are you creating Transformative Art?
Are you helping to keep wildspaces and wildlife protected?

When you put on your superhero cape… What do YOU do?

WHO: A QUEST CALLED TRIBE, M.T. wants to meet you on our upcoming cross country ride to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2018 ***YOU DO NOT NEED TO RIDE MOTORCYCLES OR EVEN HAVE ANY INTEREST IN MOTORCYCLES TO SUBMIT AND BE A PART OF THIS PROJECT. We just happen to travel on motorcycles.
https://aquestcalledtribe.com instagram- @a.quest.called.tribe FB- a qUest cALLed triBE

WHAT: Looking for the transformational REBELS and REVOLUTIONARIES of today. Currently seeking submissions from each town on our journey as we make our annual trip from Los Angeles to the ultimate motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD. We will visit the chosen rebels and film you in action as part of our documentary Are You Tribe?, featuring the superheroes of the our time.

WHEN: TBD along our tour dates from Late July to Early August 2018

WHERE: Possibly YOUR TOWN! If you are chosen, we wIll come to you ‘cause we are looking to meet cool folks in parts unknown along our qUest route. Major stops along our path include Victorville CA, Oatman AZ, Kingman AZ, Sielegman AZ, Monument Valley UT, Moab UT (Zion and Bryce Canyon), Laramie WY, Jackson Hole WY, Silt CO and Sturgis SD.

WHY: We want to align and promote the raddest humans on the planet! We will film you as a part of our upcoming documentary, adding you to our exclusive roster of who we call TRIBE!
***You do not need to ride motorcycles or or have any interest in motorcycles to be part of this experience.
***there is no monetary compensation available. this is for the sole purpose of bringing awareness to your cause and inspiring others to be a part of change .
this is a grass-roots passion project.

HOW: Email us a 60-90 second simple, selfie style video telling us What’s Up! with you and your world. Include websites, contact info and any other pertinent details to; submissions@aquestcalledtribe.com
OR snail mail submissions to;
a qUest cALLed triBE, M.T.
101 S Topanga Canyon Blvd, # 1721
Topanga , CA 90290
*please note; submissions will not be returned

FInal Decisions will be announced on JULY 7, 2018.

ABOUT US: We are a qUest cALLed triBE, a female motorcycle tribe (M.T.), a collective of women on a quest to be better global citizens. As we ride together for love, freedom and community, we love to connect with and promote rad humans along the way. We seek to inspire others to “LIVE out loud”, as we stay wild and follow our DREAMS.


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We have re-opened the leading female role of Nemamiah (God’s heavenly battle angel)

If interested in this lead role, go to http://www.owenhisle.com and follow all instructions for sending in your submission

Few Important Nemamiah Requirements:

*18 years old or over

*Colorado or Cheyenne Wyoming residents only

*Prefer Asian or can pass as Asian however, also strongly accepting all other ethnicity/race (white, black, indian, mexican, spanish, etc, etc)

*Prefer background in Military, or Martial arts, or Stunts, however, not required because award winning writer/director John Pempek is our professional stunts choreographer (you’ll be in good hands with John, he’ll make you look 10 feet tall on camera, and you will-not get hurt)

*Film School Students are welcomed

*All other requirements and info are at http://www.owenhisle.com

*Again, if interested in this lead role, go to http://www.owenhisle.com and follow all instructions for sending in your submission


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Project name : “Hostage”
Location: Denver, Colorado
Production Start Date: 05/29/2018
Submission: contact@smartcraftproduction.com

Casting “Hostage”, A feature film about two cops that were held hostage by an abusive husband when they were dispatched by a 911 operator to a home where a woman called for help after her husband threatened to shoot her.

Gregory Molund- Lead (Male 24-40)

Good looking young man. Dresses in suit and tie always, works as a stock broker but seem disturb and unhappy and always abuse his wife.

Rose Molund- Lead (Female 20-38)

Pretty looking young nurse, the 911 caller. Wife to the disturbed man (Gregory), love and care about him so much.

Cop 1- Supporting (Male 20-40)

A Cop driving around the neighbourhood with a co-cop

Cop 2- Supporting (Male 20-40)

A recently hired cop, who was with the other cop when 911 dispatcher sent them to the address of the caller

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Film producer seeks p/t personal assistant for new movie


My name is Owen and I’m a film producer seeking a part-time personal assistant for my new movie Broken Clay. I’m just posting this to various venues to see who is interested. By all means if your not interested but you know someone who is, please pass this on

Here’s the website to send in your submission http://www.owenhisle.com

I’m the writer, and director. Broken Clay is being produced by my film company UTR Films which is based out of Aurora, Colorado. Broken Clay will be filmed in Cheyenne Wyoming and during all four (4) Saturdays in August 2018

The personal assistant I’m seeking should meet the basic following requirements:
*Be at least 18 years old [HS student, or College student, or Film student OK]
*Be a non-smoker
*No 420 allowed
*No drugs allowed
*Be available all four (4) Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in August 2018 for filming in Cheyenne WY
*With plenty of notice, be available/flexible, some/various Saturdays/Sundays from time to time for film meetings/events throughout Colorado and in Cheyenne Wyoming
*Be able to provide proof of legal Photo ID
*Live in and/or between Colorado Springs CO, Aurora CO and Cheyenne WY
*Have your own reliable mechanically sound legally insured transportation
*Have your own reliable cell phone for calling and texting

The personal assistant I’m seeking should be a good fit for and be OK with the following:
*I only want someone real and serious as a personal assistant
*Although experience would be nice, it’s totally not required because 100% free training/OJT will be provided
*Understand that most indie film-makers are broke but, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to make a good product
*Although there isn’t any monetary compensation being offered, the items for sure you will receive is free OTJ training, free unlimited acting classes and acting workshops, gas reimbursement, meals, lodging, a film credit and IMDb
*Must be a team player and work well with a team or just one on one
*Must understand and agree that in the film industry more doors will close then those that will open

Here’s the website to send in your submission http://www.owenhisle.com

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Music Video

I’m a High School student looking for actors/actresses to fulfill the rolls of a middle aged mom/dad and a young girl in my upcoming music video. The gist of the story is about a beat dead father failing to parent while the mom sticks around for the sake of her kid. Meanwhile the girl gets older and realizes the truth that life is not what she expected it to be now that she’s older with ought a male row model in her life. There aren’t much dialogue in the script. This is a NON paid gig but your help will be much appreciated! For further info you can contact me at this email (2030156@jeffcoschools.us)
Thanks for your time!

Moms age- 40-50yrs old
Dads age- 40-50yrs old
Kids age- 12-17yrs old

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Need Male Teen for 1 day shoot for local feature film (JOSH Character)

Hello! This is an actor that played a role in our film that includes flashbacks involving this character (JOSH). We currently need a teen actor that can pass for the 14/15/16 year old version of this character. We will only accept actors that will have a parent or guardian present on the day of shooting. We are filming in Aurora on Sunday, April 29th most of the day. Acting experience is preferred but not required. This is a non-paying role. Food, credit in the film and footage for your reel will be provided if requested. If you would like your child to be considered, please email your child’s head shot and provide your contact information so we can get back to you directly. Thank you!

Need Male Teen for 1 day shoot for local feature film (JOSH Character)

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Need Male Teen for 1 day shoot for local feature film (RON Character)

Hello! This is an actor that played a role in our film that includes flashbacks involving this character (RON). We currently need a teen actor that can pass for the 14/15/16 year old version of this character. We will only accept actors that will have a parent or guardian present on the day of shooting. We are filming in Aurora on Sunday, April 29th most of the day. Acting experience is preferred but not required. This is a non-paying role. Food, credit in the film and footage for your reel will be provided if requested. If you would like your child to be considered, please email your child’s head shot and provide your contact information so we can get back to you directly. Thank you!

Need Male Teen for 1 day shoot for local feature film (RON Character)

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Actors for Georgetown Loop Railroad

Good afternoon, my name is Lynda Poplin and I work for the Georgetown Loop Railroad. We are currently hiring for the 2018 Season and are looking for actors with strong interpersonal skills, to be Hospitality Ambassadors and Victoria era actors, within the park. If you think this sounds like something you would like to do, please contact Lynda Poplin at the Human Resource Department to schedule an audition. Thank you.

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Title: Yubikiri

Genre: Romantic Drama

Logline: On the night of her red-eye flight back overseas, a young woman reporter is faced with an ill-timed accident ruining months of research for an article that would have saved her career, but with a twist of fate she comes across a hardworking, guarded ramen chef afflicted with bottled-up guilt following the death of his wife, who is reluctant but not unwilling to tell his story.

(We are looking for 1 actor to play both younger and older, as well as 1 actress to play younger and older)
• Young Hiro – Asian man, 18 years old, high school senior, shy, goofy, boy-next-door
• Hiro – Asian man, 30’s, fit/slightly muscular, intimidating, private/closed-off
• Young Yuna – Asian woman, 18 years old, lively, driven, funny, girl-next-door
• Yuna – Asian woman, early 30’s, sweet, lovable, gentle

Production Company: Posterity Pictures, University of Colorado Denver

Production Type: Student Film

Contact Information:
• Cassie LeFevre, Producer — Email: cassandra.lefevre@ucdenver.edu
• Maddy Santamaria, Director — Email: Madison.santamaria@gmail.com

Run Time: Short (8-10 minutes)

Compensation: Unpaid, footage for reel opportunity. Meals will be provided along with plentiful high-fives, fist or banana bumps (matter of preference), and thank-yous.

Union Status: n/a

Audition Information: Please send reel/headshots and a taped 2-minute monologue. (We will be willing to send sides if you would prefer this over the traditional monologue). Further auditions and/or call-backs, if needed, will likely be held on the University of Colorado Denver campus, Tivoli Arts & Media building: 900 Auraria Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204 (Room TBD)

Shooting Schedule: Somewhere in between 3/29-4/2.

Filming Locations:
Multiple—all in Denver/lower downtown Denver area.

Project Description: As Chef Hiro narrates his story, flashbacks reveal the relationship between him and his late wife, which progresses from a budding romance to the purest of tragedies. This is what calls for the younger and older versions of the characters. The ages for each are relatively flexible.

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Warehouse Night Shift

Project Name: Warehouse Night Shift
Project Type: Feature Film
Submission: info@clearactfilms.com
Location: Denver,CO

“Warehouse Night Shift”

A feature film about an unlikely hero, a warehouse worker who beats a group of robbers that hold his colleagues hostage. There will be fighting scenes therefore actors must be prepared for that sort of work.

James (Lead) Male 20-30
He hates his job working as a warehouse assistant and is under the constant eye of his boss Mr Warren. He doesn’t realise his own strength until he fights of a group of robbers who raid the warehouse in a comedic fashion true to his character. A day dreamer who is full of energy.

No physical characteristics are required.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Leonard (Supporting) Male 30-38
Leonard is a hard worker and is seen in high regard by his boss Mr Warren. He is your average Joe type, well meaning but timid. When robbers enter the warehouse he is taken hostage.

No physical characteristics are required.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Brian Warren (Supporting) Male 38-55
Stubborn, humourless and insistent on the performance of his staff and overall running of the warehouse, your stereotypical retail shop manager type. When held hostage by the robbers his stubbornness and inability to find things funny plays in to provide some funny moments.

No physical characteristics required.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

Michelle Holmes (Supporting) Female 22-40
A calm worker at the warehouse, very prim and proper and always likes to stand out from the crowd. When the robbers hold the staff hostage she keeps her cool.

No physical characteristics required.
ETHNICITY: All Ethnicities

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Student Film searching for female lead (paid position)

Transitional Spaces
Independent / Non – Union Posted on: Friday, February 16, 2018

Production title: Transitional Spaces
Union / Non-Union: Non – Union
Production Type: Independent / student
Project length: Short Film (12 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Production location: Colorado Springs / Boulder
Production Company: Colorado College Film and Media Studies
Director: Corrina Leatherwood
Casting Director: Lucy Houlihan
Audition Location: Cornerstone Arts Center, 825 N Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Self tape auditions also accepted! Please request sides.
Shooting Location: Colorado Springs / Boulder / 1 day in San Luis Valley
Compensation: Yes, rate to be discussed.

Auditions: Rolling auditions through the 22nd of Feb
Call Backs: Feb 22nd, via Skype or in person.
Shooting Dates: February 24th and 25th. A few days the week of the 26th of February in the afternoons. March 3rd and 4th.


In this dual coming of age story, Matt and his mother Connie take a familiar road trip. In the wake of Connie’s divorce and Matt’s isolation at school, the two struggle to communicate and redefine their relationship.


CONNIE / Lead / Female / 40 – 55
Capable and accustomed to being in control. Values family above all else. Resistant to the changes she is confronted with – divorce and her only son growing up.

Production Notes:
Please call to discuss audition times and location which are both flexible (within dates listed above).

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Actors needed for a music video

I have a few acting opportunities for a music video I am producing. It is a student film that is being filming in fort collins colorado. It will be filmed March 24th, 25th, 31st, and April 1st

A young guy has second thoughts about getting married after the death of his first fiance. He leaves in the middle of the night to figure out how to move on and enter a new part of his life

The roles that need to be filled are:
John (Late 20’s)
Emily (Early 20’s)
Rosie (Early 20’s)


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Roles Need To Be Filled

Desperately need 3 more roles filled and 4 extras


Title: Different Colours
Genre: Drama
Logline: In a small suburban city we follow the struggles of two very different teenagers in their pursuit for a normal life. Despite their differenced these friends try to adapt to their hardships together but this task proves to be more difficult and may bring a whole new meaning to the term failure.

Jordan-The best friend of Colour, who is always there for him but is caught up in his own world
Jacob-The bully who torments Davy-age:16-21-Male
School Board Member-The head of the school board-age:30+-Male or Female

Extras:Will be playing Paramedics and Police

Production Company: Director: Jax Midgett, Producer: Valandil Mann, Mijit Studios
Production Type: Student Film
Contact Information:message director on messenger jettamindmith@gmail.com
Run Time: Feature(About 50 minutes)
Compensation: Unpaid
Audition Information: Just send me a head shot and a general description of yourself as well as a resume if you have one
Shooting Schedule:

Jordan-March 14,15 and April 8,15,22

Jacob-March 15

School Board Member-April 6

Filming Location:Various Locations near Arvada

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Actors and Crew Needed for new TV Series for web


WHAT: Auditions for principal roles in new TV series for the web. Actors will read from the script, no monologue required.
WHEN: Auditions: Saturday Feb. 3 from Noon-6pm.
WHERE: Auditions: 700 Kalamath, upstairs, Denver.
SIGN UP: To schedule an audition, please email a photo, resume and reel (if available) to MHCcasting (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line: “MHC audition request”

Mile High Chronicles follows a twenty-something visionary with trust issues. A new arrival to the Mile High City after being conned out of a job and a work visa, Kassandra drives for Dryft, an extreme-bargain ride-share service. But her real passion is to create a ground-breaking mobile App. In each 4 to 6 minute episode, Kassandra comes into contact with colorful local characters, cannabis products, and slightly hallucinatory scenes from movie classics.


CARLITA (4 – 8) Carlita is a U.S. citizen born of undocumented parents who fled a war-torn country in search of safety and better economic opportunities.

CARLITA’S MOTHER (20s – 40s): Carlita’s awesome mom.

CARLITA’S FATHER (20s – 40s): Carlita’s awesome dad.

WAIF (20s – Early 30s): An aspiring and entrepreneurial craft-snacks Chef with deep emotional intelligence, determined to make a mark in the Denver food scene. Like many people in their 20s and 30s, Waif struggles with student loan debt, and to pay bills in an increasingly expensive city.

REGGIE (20s – Early 30s): Strong woman with a keen eye for vintage fashion, and a job that involves a great deal of domestic and international travel. By season one’s end, Reggie will exact revenge on a group of Trump-emboldened neo-Nazis.

KATYA (20s – Early 30s): Reggie’s partner, in crime and otherwise. Katya will also exact revenge on a group of Trump-emboldened neo-Nazis.

IVANKA (20s – 60s): An immigration lawyer.

LUCINDA (20s – 50s): Heavily debt-leveraged bar owner with low THC-CBD tolerance levels.

BILLIE SEVEN (20s – Early 30s): Famous local songwriter/musician, easy on the eyes.

EUDORA (20s – 60s) Former EPA scientist turned bag lady with PTSD after her experience in the Trump Administration.

SMOKEY (20s – 60s) A meth addict, mistaken for Donald Trump by Eudora.

PARK RANGER (20s – 60s) Discovers Carlita alone in a forest that burned down a year ago.

ICE AGENT (20s – 40s): The Man.

REDNECK (20s – 40s): Dreams of being The Man.

CLERK (20s – 60s) Jello Biafra, if he were a store clerk at a vintage shop.

Commercial newscasters reporting on climate change events unfolding in Colorado and beyond. (V.O.)

If you’re interested in Guest Director, DP/Camera, AD, Sound, Locations, Casting positions, please send e-mail to EricGalatas (at) gmail (dot) com

Title: Mile High Chronicles Episodes 2 – 6
Production dates: weekends in February/March 2018
Pilot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6nF33fhPK4
Genre: Dramedy
Logline: A visionary millennial with trust issues navigates an unfamiliar city, meets a series of colorful local characters and their favorite cannabis products, and ends up confronting a group of Trump-emboldened neo-Nazis.
Production Company: WebTV Productions LLC
Producers: Eric Galatas and Doug Bohm
Production Type: Indie Series
Run Time: 4 – 6 minutes
Compensation: Stipend, Meals and Reel
Union Status: Non-Union

Actors and Crew Needed for new TV Series for web

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“Open Mic Night” Extras

My name is Micah Groenevelt and I’m with the Colorado Film School.
Grant Innes (Director) and Kyle Homan (Producer) are filming their thesis short film this January 19th-21st and we are looking for extras.
The film is a love letter to the raw vulnerability and experience at Open Mic Nights. Some of the greatest comedians have come from open mics and we want to help spread the awareness of this art form.
If you are interested in being a part of the project we would love to have you! We need the audience members to react and be present to watch the performers as we film those scenes. Though we don’t have budget to pay you for your time, hopefully being on a bigger and more serious short film set will be payment through experience.
The days we need you are:
January 19 – 5:00am-2:00pm
January 20 – 5:00am-2:00pm
January 21 – 5:00am-2:00pm
All filming will be taking place at Pearl’s downtown:
608 E 13th Ave
Denver, CO 80203
Please let me know if you can come for any of these times. Even if you can only do a couple hours on one of the days we would be incredibly grateful.
If you’re interested, please email me the desired day and time and I’ll book you in. 😀
Please contact me through my email: micahgroenevelt@gmail.com
Thank you for your time and I hope to see you there!

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Broken Clay movie seeking cast and crew

BROKEN CLAY Movie is seeking an actress to play the role of the Mom Of Isabella, Seeking 2nd Film location, and Seeking a Scary Truck. If you or someone you know might be a good fit as the role of the Mom, have just the right 2nd film location and Scary Truck were seeking, you go to and/or send someone you know to www.owenhisle.com to view more information about the role of the Mom, the 2nd Film location, and the Scary Truck, and how to submit

Again, go through www.owenhisle.com

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New Year’s Eve

Casting “New Year’s Eve” a factual feature film. A couple suffer lack of trust in their marriage after they both confessed to infidelity while they were drunk on a night out with friends on New Year’s Eve.

Caucasian (47-51)
Mr. Hughes: A good outdoors man. Very down to earth and hard working. Family oriented and loves his family a lot despite is sexual involvement with other women.

Caucasian (43-47)
Mrs. Hughes: Very sexy, tall blondie lawyer. She is one of the most skilled lawyer in the city with a lot of wealthy male client that she couldnt resist their sexual advances.

Caucasian (21-24)
Jessica Hughes: First child of the Hughes family and twin sister to Mark, she is very close to her both parents and couldn’t watch the her family grow apart.

Caucasian (21-24)
Mark Hughes: Only son of the family, twin brother to Jessica. He is barely at home to even notice anything as he is always out partying and having a good time with his girl friend and friends.

Caucasian (18-20)
Rachel Hughes: Daddy’s girl, closer to her father because he always showers her with gifts. She is very intelligent and smart and feels broken because of her family situation.

Hispanic (23-26)
Daniela: Mark’s girlfriend. She is from a wealthy family and all she cares about it shopping and partying.

All Race (23-35)
Amanda: Mr. Hughes secretary, Pretty and very sassy. She is sexually involved with her boss.

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Hollywood Dreams short film casting (guys only)

Two students who are working on a small short film that will be shooting the 9th. We are only casting for the main character which there is more description and lines available on the link provided below. Also we are only accepting auditions through videos so please submit all video auditions and contact info by Sunday to Joana.s.gomez@gmail.com.


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Actress Needed for Music Video

Actress needed for a funk rock music video for new song, Peanut Butter Man, by The Dead Side. http://www.thedeadside.com/

The Character- An average girl who smothers herself with peanut butter in the night until she transforms into a peanut butter vampire.

The music video will be a funny and funky experience! The actress must have a great sense of humor and not take themselves too seriously. They will be covered in peanut butter by the end of the video!
Must be comfortable enough to wear underwear and bra on camera before getting covered in peanut butter.

Shooting will take place 7:00pm-12:00am, 01/06/2018. $50 compensation at the end of the evening.

Please email your head shots, reels, and resumes to info@thedeadside.com

Listen to music by The Dead Side at http://www.thedeadside.com/

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The City

Shooting a short film about love and loss (5-10 minutes) of a Young Guy (20-25) wandering through the city of Denver with a Girl on his mind. He goes on a date with another Girl, but its not the same. There is no dialogue within the short film, everything will be expressed with sound and reactions.


Girl 1 (20-25)  old flame of Young guy, this girl is all the Young Guy thinks about.

Girl 2 (20-25) Girl 2 meets Young guy for a coffee date.

Guy 2 (20-25) Boyfriend of Girl 1.

Like the element of surprise.

The film will be shot black and white with no dialogue. We follow this lonely character in a city filled with people.


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Casting Asian Actors in Colorado for an Independent Student Short Film!

Casting “Her Spirit”, an Action/Period Piece short film paying tribute to the late filmmaker Akira Kurosawa:
“Her Spirit” is a samurai action drama that tells the story of a young samurai, who, after hearing the news of the murder of his wife, sets out seeking vengeance upon the bandits that killed her in an epic short film about life, loss, and the spirit one leaves behind when they pass away.

Run Time: Short (7-8 min)
Roles (Asian-American, Japanese fluency would be great but definitely not necessary): Actors & Actresses (18-40 years old) portraying the three lead roles of Haruto the Samurai, his father Hachiro, and his wife Kimiko as well as Actors portraying the three main antagonists, the bandits, of the short.

This Indie Student Film by the Denver School of the Arts Video Cinema Arts Department is Unpaid, but we will provide plenty of epic reel footage for actors

Contact Information: Contact sendtoyubin@gmail.com to schedule an audition or for additional questions about the production.
Auditions will be held at Denver School of the Arts. Contact the email above to schedule. If you would like to send us a video audition, please email sendtoyubin@gmail.com to let us know and we will get back to you soon. Callbacks in mid-January.
Shooting Schedule: 2 Weekends in February 2018
Filming Location: TBD, will most likely film in local State Parks near the Denver area.

We hope to hear from you soon!

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Short film to shoot january looking for cast and crew

Short surrealist student MFA Thesis film to be shot from January 10th-15th in Mead (between Longmont and Boulder). Times approximately 7am-5pm. I’m currently searching for cast and select crew. Please refer below for details:

-In need of PA’s, Grips, Art Department and a Boom Operator. I’m open to people coming for all days or just the ones they can, as I understand it is difficult to commit to multiple shoot dates. IMDb Credit will be provided, along with food. This will be a very small crew, so wearing multiple hats is appreciated. Let me know your experience whether I’m school or professional. Feel free to link work.


Apparent Age: 21-30 (open to older actors who look younger)
Ethnicity: Native American
Description: Bear is a down-to-earth and easy going. He is loving and accepting f his best friend Catori, and helps guide her through her mental journey.

Name: Catori
Apparent age: 21-30 (open to younger looking actors who are older)
Ethnicity: bi-racial Native American and Caucasian
Gender: Female
About: Catori is a young woman dealing with the monsters that exist in her mind. She is struggling to reconcile her identity and deal with the demons of her past. She has a slight spunk to her, Yet is very introspective.

name: Rei
Apparent age: 21-30 (open to older actors who appear younger)
Ethnicity: Non-specific
Gender: Female
About: a calm and Well-mannered woman who’s easy to get along with. Rei is friendly and helps guide Catori through her thoughts.

Please email a link to your reel and submit a short video monologue. The monologue may be shot on any device, including phone, webcam, etc. and a link to IMDb or a resume. I will be looking through submissions over the next week.

Other: extras to shoot on January 10th. Native American and Caucasian. Appear high school age. Shoot will last about 1-2 hours.

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Post-Production editor needed!!

Break Silence, a Colorado film production business, is searching for a post-production editor to come on board our team. We have various projects lined up for spring 2017 all through the Year. This is a paid position so people who are serious about film please contact me at livelife4christ@gmail.com we are looking for a fun, energetic, team-oriented person to come join our awesome team, if thats you please contact me so we can talk more! Have a good day and we look forward on working with you!

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Looking for New Local Actors

My Name is Dick Fulton, and I am the Lead Media Agent with MAXIMUM Talent here in Denver. We are always looking for new local actors (Union and non-union) that have a strong resume with plenty of training and experience. If you are seeking possible representation, send me a couple headshots, your resume, and any demo reels you have and then we can talk, and discuss how we might be able to help each other out.

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